Tyler, The Creator Has Words For Those Put Their Guns On The Gram [VIDEO]

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  • In other news net neutrality…Comcast has found a

    • frankwhitedc

      Or can’t nobody understand what you typing. Slow down I wanted 2 hear what u was saying

      • Basically Comcast will throttle speeds of certain streaming services depending if they own it or not i.e. Comcast trying to throttle your speed to Netflix even though they partner with them just a example of and they will charge you more to .also they want to cap your internet data usage per month… its already legal in 15 states glad pa not one

        • frankwhitedc

          My comcast internet bill 10 dollars a month . They can do as they feel lol

          • Ahh shit nigga you winning and living hit tf you get it that low?

          • frankwhitedc

            They have a program if u get food stamps or your kid has good grades . It’s called the “internet essentials ” package. I got that and a Amazon firestick bruh . Straight for life . Or at least a few years

          • Mmm I’m bout to swindle my way on in good looks.

          • frankwhitedc

            U knowz it

          • frankwhitedc

            Fuck that tho tell me bout that bit coin shit u investing in

          • Download coinbase app and go from there start with the ltc first unless you can afford a bitcoin lol

          • frankwhitedc

            Got u

          • Also you can bitmine and get a extra 10$ a week free you also need to make a virtual wallet…I’m tell you people say it’s a scam but I have yet to lose money I’ve made free money and kept investing I just wanna get to a share and cash out when I sky rockets

    • Astronaut

      Gotta articulate that better my brotha.

      • It’s basically Comcast etc will charge you extra data fees for using streaming services not owned by them so imagine a extra dolla for datpiff Netflix etc on top of what you pay already

        • fonzo517

          that shits wack af. where can you see what states its legal in?

          • It’s in your disclaimer then sneaky fucks don’t really tell you you have to call and check what’s your monthly usage and if they cap you out I average 1terabyte but see I told them we play games in my crib so they don’t cap me but I pay for max internet to

          • fonzo517

            damn, good look. im bout to go check that shit out

    • ilikemusic.


      • Yea look it up pertains to throttle data etc being charged more for streaming services based on your isp…

        • Poopmaster

          That market is blowing up in stocks right now homie. Bit coin killing it too.

          • I got bitcoin investment but in ltc and etc

          • Poopmaster

            I should of invested months ago

          • Let that shit drop some more or start buying into it slowly chip away at it that’s how I started and just keep going seriously every extra 5-20 bones invest

          • I wanna buy btc so bad but at 2200 a pop if I got 8 that would dam near be all my savings I want to put my dividends into it but I think since it’s been slumping the past month I’ll try and wait till it atleast get to 1500 before I buy one

          • Poopmaster

            Some old head at this brewery I go to was telling me he got shares wit it about a year ago and it keeps increasing he jus waiting on a moments to sell his shares I’m like damn cyber wall street blowing up.

          • Yea man it’s going to be the new gold they say by 2025 I need all I can get while it’s still in reach

          • Poopmaster


  • Manny Bravo

    Lol, everything he said was true though. People act like police don’t have social media.

  • TKingLives

    Who cares he’s a faggot.

    • Konfuzed

      Faggot or not,nigga has a point.

      • TKingLives

        Hahahaha, verytruuu