Tyler, The Creator Says ‘Shady XV’ Is So Bad That Eminem Needs Intervention

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  • batman

    this title is pretty misleading

    • jdt96

      Really? Tyler said the album is “fucking ass” and that someone who loves Eminem should tell him to stop making bad albums. An intervention is when loved ones tell somebody that they have a problem. The title is a bit hyperbolic, but not particularly misleading.

    • Smiley

      The title Shady XV marks the fifteenth year that he’s been mainstream. Slim Shady EP/LP dropped in 1999.

  • Craig WO

    It’s really bad for his level. T. Creator ain’t wrong. finally listened to all EM’s album for the first time… and my vote is Recovery is his best work from beginning to end. Still to this day You only get one shot etc.. to me is his best song… sends chill up your spine. His verse with little wayne ‘bible on the night stand etc song(wayne) Ems verse fire etc. All his comical/serious tone ‘Saturday Night Live’ type skits making fun of people…visciously.. videos… that made him wealthy is …well… you gotta have a taste for it. Those vids comes too close to Alyankovich clowning people mimicking their style. Not much you can say to the Wealthy. But yeah T. Creator ain’t wrong. And WuTang New album. Oh Boy. Brutal. Someone who loves them please tell them to record back in the first studio on the old mics because no way in hell is the Wu BASIC. No way in hell RZA made the beats for that album. Somebody get him Spinach. mad weak. sign true fan.

    • lol did you really just say recovery was em’s best album?

      • He one of those white boys who claim Em is king and dont really listen to him. Making us real fans look bad, ignore him

        • Jman6181

          Eminem is straight garbage ever his second album, looks like a tranny now…sucka ish

          • B-Rye McScrachy

            STFU u stupid lame! dafuq outta here!!

        • I tried to yo, but this is crazy

      • Craig WO

        yeah that’s my vote. Going through albums sound wise he suffers from the same boom bap drum beat… same drum pattern throughout entire albums. On Recovery drums pattern still present but there is more melody in the beats. plus his early stuff just fowl mouth. ‘f-ing his mom having a brother and son etc.’ It’s truly hard for black people/ immigrants to dig that.. but I get where he’s coming from life situation wise. But instead of being so blunt there is always ways to say the same thing. His SNL skits rap clowning people just comes off as that (SNL ‘dick in a box etc’ Justin timberlake.) That’s what his Michael Jackson clowning songs are like but done more professionally.. but it’s still that. Those song’s was his bread and butter. Back in the days Guru of Gangstar use to say you gotta have the voice to rap. Em never has the voice… it’s something you gotta get use to it’s like he’s having a tantrum ob the beat a kid in the toy store that doesn’t get the toy he want and call his mom a bitch. That kind of voice. But at the end of the day he’s a skilled writer ‘rapper, clear delivery of words rhyme spitter. Like I said it’s the first time I decided to go true his albums without skipping. Heard all his radio stuff but never bought an album because it’s a style that you gotta dig. If you dig it you like what themes he’s rhyming about …then you buy it. If you not feeling it you don’t. Doesn’t me he’s wack. My older brother freaking hate Gangster rap with a passion but then he’ll say he likes Today is a good day. It’s all about what the hell your rhyming about. Em wanna kill his girl.. well nah I ain’t trying to buy that. He wanna teach his mom a lesson by screwing her… well I ain’t trying to hear that. He raps you only get one chance… I want to hear that. That’s how I’m rating his overall work. Shock value doesn’t do it for me. dope beats, being naturally FLY, dope voice, dope way of saying your words AND being true to your art dies it for me. It was hard to feel EM because he has zero ounce of FLY. Slick Rick had fly, kool G rap had fly, All the original come ups had FLy… all the cats that showed us how to rap. These new cats… you just wanna have their money because the new technology and the world more connected so their stuff spread fast and the money comes quicker,but you ain’t trying to be like them.

        • So Eminem never had a good rap voice on his early albums, and he didn’t change the game with any of his flows? Till I collapse, clean in out my closet, if I had a million dollars) I’m black and yeah it was extreme but his older albums are insane to me. How old are you,?

          • Craig WO

            4 years younger than EM.

          • Craig WO

            would you say those 3 songs by Em are as memorable as Mobb Deep Shook Ones? Out the 3 songs you sent they all have well written stories but still delivered boring but rap clearly. Out the raps..Till I Collapse Cleaning out my closet and if i had a million. Cleaning is the best written. all 3 suffer from the same boom bap drum beat. Not one of those 3 songs is memorable like any raps from mobb deep the infamous full second album on the major label.

          • honestly yeah man, iI’d pick cleaning out my closet over shook ones. If we’re talking production mob deep suffers from generic 90’s drums more than anyone . and mob deeps delivery is way more monotone than any em track i can list. Em has one of the most aggressive styles in the game man. Kim? Kill you? And he has way more intricate rhyme patterns. “the track struck em harder than gettin hit by a mac truck then back up on”? Quote me a line from mobb deep thats fuckin wit that

          • spitwitskill

            First thing first what are we talking about
            If it’s slick tongue flows and metaphors … either slim shady lp or marshall mathers lp for his best of that (I like the battle style )
            His early stuff was ridiculous (ill take it back before we knew each others name run you in a ultra sound n snatch u out your mothers frame I’ll take further back than that back to lovers lane to the night you were thought of and cock block your fathers game) you can’t say no other than the eminem show for his best mainstream work (white america, till I collapse , square dance ,) not to mention it was his last full dre album dres not on much recovery or relapse for that matter and marshall Mather lp 2 groundhogs day is fire bonus track and of course rap god he needs to just be eminem and stop trying to keep up with what’s popping now .

          • Craig WO

            come to think of it…. i don’t think i dislike Ems rapping… its his sound. … the beats. if he ever decides to try something new it would be experimenting with a different sound.

          • B-Rye McScrachy

            well OBV somethings working dipshit!! smh

      • frankwhitedc

        I had 2 read the whole paragraph cuz I couldn’t believe he said that shit .recovery ? Best Em Album ? Bruh

      • mylocsgethigh

        Lol he bugging. Definitely wasn’t tho

    • Vstylez

      I agreed Recovery is the best

  • robin

    recovery was ass

  • robin

    relapse was so much better

  • I think most of the songs on this new album are dope. Tyler wish he can produce and even be on the same level lyrically as eminem. Fuck outta here all he said that for is to gain exposure and have people talk about.

  • Banana man

    He could ONLY put out wack ish like wayne, drake, and officer Ricky.

  • listen

    I think Eminem changed up his flow, but he shouldn’t have. It it aint broke don’t fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • komotion

    Fans just need to accept that the album is weak; not awful but definitely weak. The only reason it’s sold so well is the same reason Relapse started out selling so good: it’s Eminem. Right now the underground is dried up, 50 can’t seem to get going since leaving aftermath, yelawolf has seemingly dropped the ball and apparently has no clue as to what his identity is, and dre has simply given up on detox and has thrown everything in to his beats line. I thought Kendrick saved hip-hop? Where is Kendrick, hopsin, tech9, jokker, ext.? I swear if kanye pops back up then I’m giving up. Shady XV had a chance to push the newer artists, and there are some good tracks, but it feels phoned in. Also, tech needs to step up his label before Fragile loses it’s appeal and Yelawolf needs to step up his game period and take it serious (why can we not get another Pop the trunk?).

  • Mike Roth

    Albums dope as hell. All tracks EM is on he rips. Tyler is a gimmick, nothing else. He’s all shock value over strange melodies. He will never in his career top Yonkers.