Tyler, The Creator Announces New Album

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  • Frank White

    his music just not the same since I stopped being a “depressed” teenager.

    • Dismas Beats

      Well then you evolved, it’s nothing wrong with that

      • Frank White

        Yeah it’s definitely a blessing. I used to rock with Goblin heavy. Tried listening to it the other day and just couldn’t vibe with it.

        • frankwhitedc

          Yeah that cherry bomb shit threw me off

    • Manny Bravo

      I feel you on that. His new music isn’t tailor-made for depressed teens though. You should check it out if you haven’t.

      • Frank White

        That’s what I hear. I checked some of his newer stuff out, But not enough to make a full judgement on him yet. Haven;t really listened since his “Wolf” album

    • Poopmaster

      He got money now, nigga ain’t depressed no mo.

  • Manny Bravo


  • fonzo517

    singles have been cool. ill give this a listen.