Tyga’s Management Told Him To Distance Himself From Kylie Jenner

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  • Dboy Came Up ∆∆∆∆

    do people really care tho?

  • brownjesus87

    People don’t care, people like to talk shit cuz talking shit makes money.

  • AdmiralsFinest23

    No one cares but people should… tyga should be on the sex offender website haha..

    • YUNGshoota187

      nigga u gay

      • AdmiralsFinest23

        Na just not into lil girls… talking about gay with your green snapback and v neck haha…

        • HDYBOY

          its not like shes 13 were talking about someone who is 17 years old she can drive a damn car and have you seen her? How is she a little girl lol stoppp

  • ITS ME

    shit gets funnier by the day

  • YUNGshoota187

    u niggas is some lyers or gays u sayin u wont fuck that bitch. nigga that bitch look good af n wtf niggas is actin like she 11 or sum shit when she 17. that shit aint even young. u kno these hos is strate smuts from the time they like is 14 n shit. they kno what they doin. real tlk if u say u wont fuck her u a fagget. tyga still gay af tho.

  • S.b. Donny

    Wait until she 18 before I get hit with that stat

  • aob

    this shit aint funny. tyga could get his life ruined over some bogus ass rumors, leave dude alone. All niggas really wanna see anyway is the Tyga Drizzy fight go down


    in 10 years or even in 5 years its not gonna matter how old she is its not like shes 13 lets be real here HHE should be trying to organize tyga vs drake in the ring instead of worrying about tyga’s personal matters seems kinda petty to me

    • HDYBOY

      Tyga and Drake have racks winner picks a charity and whoever loses should pay 500k

  • if this was a normal person he would of already been charged wit statutory Rape, but no he took enough dick in the butt and he knows his people that help him stay outta jail


    Idk man there are so many btches out here why the ngga is gonna choose a youngin cause thats what she is – I feel the ngga he probably thought” like yo she’s a kardashian ,young at that never had nobody dog her shit” the ngga wanted to turn shorty out – and he did he prolly didn’t know how to curb her shit and stuck with friends with benefits type of shit- but still my ngga she aint even all that To be walking around with the btch holding hands and shit

  • William S Mooney

    I ain’t fucking no LIL girl Fuck what cha heard! When she hit 18 play ball but no 17 year olds

  • msidgaf

    Statutory Rape is against the law in The State of California…. This girl is a minor…. She was just 16 when he started messing with her…. This is not acceptable…. Just bekuz he’s a rapper he can get way with it… Wussup wit her mom Chris Jenner, she’ll do anything for money… sell her mf kids to the highest bidder…. that bitch will sell her soul to the devil if she hasnt already…. this is insane… He needs to be prosecuted and so does her mom….

  • Dee Dog

    That one year ain’t going to change nothing