Tyga Will Talk About Who Got Kylie Pregnant — If You Pay Him

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  • Rich blackman

    Tmz fucked up just as many lives as the 3 strike rule

    • 100squad

      Gawd, some of these comments from the collective has been sharper than the blade birdman been back stabbing people with..

    • 100squad

      Side note, Tyga so broke that he had to come to this for a dollar he should be sending Kylie a thank you card for keeping him kinda relevant..

      • Keith Shaun

        he shouldnt tho, the nigga used to be dope and had a good status from the Young Money days.. but once he got with shortie.. is when things start going south

        • 100squad

          He strayed away from the playbook, it was supposed to be all about the running game,..But he gave her too many passes..Her secondary picked it off & well took it back to the house..Guess he forgot it must be football/cuffin season..

    • Supreme Trunks

      Damn I shouldn’t have laughed at that. Take this upvote