Tyga Takes Shot At 21 Savage; Who Fires Right Back

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  • Ghostface-

    ahahaha… 21 21

    get ’em boi tyga been wack i like seeing these Young niggas hungry

  • Devin

    I don’t like this nigga 21 music like that….but I fuck with this nigga….21 21 lol

  • Astronaut

    Keep fucking with meek yaw got have put gim on the FBI watch list to make sure he dont hold a grudge and shoot some shiit up out of spite.

    • Samisback

      What does this have to do with Meek?

      • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

        the little shots they throw at the end of articles should anything be related to him

        • Samisback

          Oooooh didn’t even read the end of it..just read what Tyga and 21 had posted and went straight to the comments…lol, this site is either owned by Drake or ran by Drake stans.

          • BrodieThaGod

            If so they needa hire me. Wouldn’t mind making a little extra posting bout my favorite rapper. I do the shit for free in the comments all the time.

          • Samisback

            lol I feel you bruh

      • Astronaut

        Kinda my point. The article brought Meek up.

  • Samisback

    Jay-z imaginary players is where the line came from for anyone who didn’t know and wanted to know.

  • Johnny 8Ball

    Tyga better pray 21 dont pull up and take his girl. He bitch made

    • Kingquazy

      And what you think is gonna happen once his fans graduate middle school and progress towards using proper english? She will be gone.

      • Johnny 8Ball

        Better than having no fans at all like Tyga

  • Maybe this old head is too 90’s and 00’s and don’t condone gun violence, BUT…This lame ass social media shit should be called what it is.. “Diss on instagram”…sounds a lot more PUSSY when you put it that way, huh?…. “Taking shots?” FOH, these fools aint even men, could you imagine the weak ass fight between these two skinny leaned out busters…

  • BrodieThaGod

    21 music is garbage but he wasn’t on no MTV reality show “who wanna be a rapper” like Tygas fake ass

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      I don’t think Tyga is fake. I never picked up a super gangsta vibe or anything. He has a bad bitch and he has sold records. I would accept it if it was Drake but 21 Savage? Really? This nigga is 125 pounds soaking wet and y’all really think he a Savage? Anybody can pose with or fire off guns, that doesn’t make you gangsta. My nanna has pics and vids with guns, yet I’m not calling her Grandmoo Savage. FOH, people need to stop being easily deceived. Tyga’s mack game is on 1,000 and niggas hating cause they batch couldn’t pay they bills even if she tried

      • BrodieThaGod

        Tyga mack game is on point, that’s for sure but he’s claimed sets in his raps when it’s obvious he is not and has never been about that life. And I don’t believe 21 Savage is all that either, but I also never seen him on a reality show acting goofy saying his parents rich. I think Tyga raps better too

      • Supreme Trunks

        Only think is what kind of mindset Kylie on. Young girls be fantasizn about trap shit but then when shootouts happen, drug busts etc. they realize that shit more than IG and TV

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    “thats a line from drakes back to back” but no mention of the jayz line change your name to drake news early or pop early frauds

  • Chris Breezy

    point is ” 21 music is garbage”

  • MadVillain

    man both these dudes is some sucka ass niggaz

  • Daniel King

    Both wack ass trash rappers these jokes should of never got in the rap game

  • Dereck Steele

    LMAO…i still can’t see how Kylie’s family haven’t got rid of the Tyga dude..he’s like a C list rapper…she aint all that but damn if she can’t do better than this guy…i don’t even know a lot about this 21 Savage kid but he got more buzz in the streets than Tyga had since Rack City lol

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    These niggas internet bangin over bacon

  • Skrynn $krylla

    At least Tyga had several hit records wit out mumble rapping…


    Can’t knock anyone making $ but 21 is the center of what’s wrong with mfs today. Tyga is legit it’s just too many band wagoners unwilling to get hip. Black Thoughts series, Bitch I’m The Shit mixtape, and the Well Done series, are you telling me Tyga has never slapped to anyone? OK..

  • Harlee Jo

    Some black dudes going crazy for that ran thru Kartrashian pussy….they have been with so many niggas! All the tread worn off their pussy’s. Y’all thirsty like ol ho’s. That young bitch bought her entire body and got to pay monthly installments to keep it up. None of you simps would have looked twice at her two years ago. I know y’all want to be taken care of like Tyga. Trying to be kept niggas.

    This generation is a bunch of bitches. What the fuck is going on when y’all hyping a social media beef? Against two barely relevant “rappers”. Tupac and Biggie are rolling in they graves.