Tyga Managed To Get His Ferrari Repo’d While Shopping For A Bentley

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  • Astronaut

    Damn thats 100x worse than running outta gas on the road.

    • frankwhitedc

      Take this W

    • kushxchevys

      Lmao for real

    • Je’sus

      That tow man was a ninja

  • frankwhitedc

    And with Kylie with you . ? 1million X worse

    • Astronaut

      Bra i wouldve cried on the inside. Thats like getting a shiit ton of groceries nd when its time to pay you realize ya wallet at home.

      • Nvrgiveup1

        More like your card gets declined.

        • Astronaut

          Lol how right u are

      • frankwhitedc

        Or getting home from the grocery store and your electric off . Freezer and all lls

  • Jared Morales

    Bahahaha! I cant stop laughing… Is it me or does everybody in the world see a patern here? Sponge of Kylie because you cant aford you Hip Hop purchase’s.. I give Tyga 1 more month before he files for bankruptcy!

  • weeday420

    how you gone miss payments on a car looking for another expensive car

    tyga give me you’re ring and hold this L

  • LatarionMilton

    L King Recods

  • vonstranglehold

    Why niggas always buying shit they can’t afford?

  • Food4Thought

    Save more than you spend, pay your bills and taxes first, and then have a little fun.Niggas always willing to go broke with all this fugaze fake flossing bullshit

    • Keith Shaun

      he used to have bread tho.. dk what he did with it smh

  • wajster

    No racist but I swear black people are the ones you hear about this dumb shit the most from. All races make it but its always black people that have millions of dollars but manage to get some dumb shit repoed, have millions of dollars of jewelry and other shit they cant afford or don’t pay for, etc. Whyyyyyy. Why is this nigga shopping for a Bentley and not making payments on a Ferrari!?!? Smh.

    • NYCityKid

      I’m pretty sure it happens to a lot of white people too… Scott Storch u racist fuck. Lmao jk

    • weeday420

      yea im white and i actually pay attention to the world and see white peoples expensive cars get towed even more , their are more whites in America than blacks there for more richer white people and more cares getting towed you’re just a racist fuck

      • wajster

        People that make it in the entertainment/sports industry, not everyday people. You’re just a stupid fuck.

        • weeday420

          and you live in a box

    • C3PO

      Anytime you start a sentence with “not racist,” you’re racist and your comment shows it. You know how many white people i see get repo’d downtown jackass????

      • wajster

        LMAOOO Im not white dumbfuck Im brown and you need to start realizing shit thats true. You cant call everything racism otherwise you actually do a disservice to that word because I actually experience REAL racism everyday. My comment was about people that make it in the entertainment industry and not even just that, sports too. Blacks that make it in general you see end up with shit like this happening more than any other race and thats facts pussy.

        • Rush_Levin

          my man

  • DJ SloWdowN


  • Dereck Steele

    I don’t like commenting on a person’s private life and i know plenty of people hate those Kardashian/Jenner folks but seriously wtf is Kylie doing with this clown lol…I aint saying she all that but she damn near can pull somebody that really has something going on for themselves lol

    • wajster

      Took that v-card and got her hooked. Best investment of his life tbh.

      • Freddie94

        At least she won’t get towed away by another foo she too sprung lol

      • Keith Shaun

        yeah but before he started messing with her, he was kinda aight.. his career fell of post Kylie allegations

  • ChiCity300

    He just traded it for the Bentley suv stop hatin on the lil pedophile

  • Poopmaster

    Hell yea! another L for dumbass tyga . nigga needs financial guidance

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    where is the evidence lol

  • Freddie94

    He took so many L’s his name should be Lyga lol

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