Tyga Explains How The Kardashians Changed His Music & Outlook

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  • HotlineQueef

    as soon as he got rid of that cursed pussy his shit got good again. tyga’s new shit is dope

    • Astronaut

      Is it a mixtape or album?

      • HotlineQueef

        album and theres actually like 6 good ass songs on it with replay value

    • Myleage

      best song?

      • HotlineQueef

        move to LA is my fav just because the video

    • kushxchevys

      Yeah whats the best tracks on bits2 or just best songs hes dropord recently?

      • HotlineQueef

        eyes closed, move to LA, belair, feel me, run it back, playboy

  • Bill Jansen

    Hahaha hes delusional………..he got sales off of The Young Money wave and the promotion with his singles cuz lilwaynes vibe waz poppin an in style wen drake came out an the squad of them .. then after that the public realize he was trash and he fell off…. he’s always been corny and nothing lyrical….. nobody cares and he got with the Kardashian and still nobody obviously cares about his music he got lucky or fed Little Wayne Vibe when the young money should first started with Nicki Drake and all the others and then they all fell off not to mention he was never good to begin with and he is super weird corny just not for me I’ll fuck with some Drake stuff but I also like Jadakiss Styles Fabolous Dave East and even Little Dicky got some good as shit if you listen this dude is just a fucking clown weirdo weirdo

  • Killa Cam Newton

    This is totally of topic but the Did you know section is pretty damn interesting

    • BrodieThaGod


  • Poopmaster

    This guy is such an idiot, and a financial idiot I would of quadrupled his investment since he’s been relevant. Pussy aside he should of hit it couple times and bounced no financial benefit. Final verdict, fucking loser his music sucked. Jet life!

  • Johnny Theft

    “Making more female-driven music, tapping into that emotion and kinda like speaking from a male’s perspective on a lot of the situations that men go through with women”
    Then writes an album about cocaine and strippers. GTFOH.