Tyga Denies Banging Kylie Jenner; Addresses Drake Beef In Radio Interview

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  • YUNGshoota187

    this nigga soft af n is bitchmade af. first off how pussy u gotta be to get scare of a pussy ass drake. n plus that nigga fuckin that bitch but scare to say he is. nigga who care she 17 that aint shyt. that nigga birdman was fuckin wayne when he was like 11 n been fuckin mad lil boys n shit n niggas give that pedo ass fagget nigga a pass but wanna to say shit to this lame ass tyga about fuckin a 17 yr old who look good af. fuck that nigga tyga he soft.

    • KarmaSapien

      It’s rarely ever fear of the actual person, and more of a fear of retaliation from the people that are supporting that person.

    • dom


  • KarmaSapien

    DId this guy really say that white people are just friends? The same mofos that screw their kids, marry family, whore out their spouse to BBC, pro swingers and what not. Is he serious? Frigging dumb asses will forever act like white folks shit don’t stink.

    Mofos love to claim this “bro/sis/family from another mother” shizz as if that stops people from screwing each other. He must think people were born yesterday.

    • L

      I wouldn’t go as far to say they ALL are like that…lol whoring out a spouse to a bbc.

      • KarmaSapien

        Obviously I’m not talking about all of them. Tyga’s dumb ass words just annoyed the shit out of me. Everywhere you go, anyone that isn’t white, is being badmouthed and white people are being hailed as saviors that do no wrong.

        He light skinned though, so he more than likely thinks he can pass and our white overlords will love him for taking another shit on non-whites.

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