Tyga Crashes (Grown Up) House Party

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  • FirstNameTynan

    Lmao the censors.

  • TheTrooth


  • XLR8

    Most definitely staged, they just happen to have the instrumental of “Rack City” laying around so Tyga could rap over it?

    • Mega

      Throw that up on youtube and play it through some speakers?

  • TheTrooth

    and the girl who’s twitter is quoted is like 16 years old… so I guess that equals “grown up”?

    probably some rich orange county high school kids who coded an app and stole dad’s credit card to have a house party

  • throw the keg at this nigga

  • ITS ME

    sounds like a bunch of rich kids having a mansion party got blessed by having some sort of famous person come to their mansion party, but they shouldn’t feel too blessed about it because 1) it’s fuckin tyga and 2) i’m sure their parents could have just paid this nigga to come anyway

  • Agent006

    The party just happened to have a mic and the Rack City beat on hand, just in case Tyga randomly drops by… Yeah. Most likely he was paid to make an appearance, but not perform.

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    They had to make sure that they specified in parenthesis that it was a (grown up) party he crashed.

  • TheTrooth

    apparently there is a “pingtank app mansion” …. for an app? that just launched? that essentially adds gifs to your photos?

    RIP pingtank investors