Tyga Calls Drake ‘Fake,’ Doesn’t Get Along With Nicki Minaj

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  • No offense, but Tyga calling them fake when he dont seem too real either. Idk tho

  • bryan

    Thats just sad, tyga needed to blow up, how can he blow up? Simple. Sign with ymcmb, tyga sucks ass (personal opinion) nd now he feels like he can do it on his own which is why hes backstabbing, i can gurantee you that if tyga stayed with young money tyga wouldnt say shit, which than makes tyga fake? Fag.

    • Amuri

      tyga been with ym for a minute tho im pretty sure he blew up already.

    • doubieous

      tyga been young money since they REALLY started back when curren$y was on the label, before all the little kids & gimmicks so what is your point based off the article?

  • Bree Lynn

    And yes drake is fake..sry drake fans but he went from smooth insightful drizzy to chef boyarde 360 with the wrist boi…lol come on now…I still like his beat selection and some of his music but it certainly changed…But his beats alone should keep him ahead of alot of the garbage that is being produced these days…

    • Nvidia>AMD

      So Sad..a competent person would know that all artist music changes with time….it has to for people to stay interested in them….Why do you think Tyga is having so many problems cause he keep briingin out the same recylced shit. Thats why YM dont wanna release his album cause it will be the same its most likely just like hotel Cali..Tyga need to learn to make them numbers than talk shit because selling 50 – 60k for an album realses is shit…and thats always his numbers. YM sidelining him is smart the dude can spit but his bars are basic and shallow..

      • Bree Lynn

        A competent person? lol.. A competent person would know that it is the definition of fake to drop lyrics you know nothing about.. What does drake know about “chef boyarde 360 with the wrist boi”? Are you kidding me? Drizzies boomin now? lol People are not interested in the street shit, people are interested in content..You can switch your style up but don’t drop lyrics you cant relate too thats all im saying so chill with your ” So Sad..a competent person…” slander…

        • SaviorSelf

          I’m assuming you know him personally?

          • Nvidia>AMD

            She must to be able to say that drake or anybody in his crew have never been over a stove cooking that shit or just around it in general.

        • Nvidia>AMD

          Clearly 0 to 100 is the only drake song this bitch knows….gratz to her
          she can quote one line from one song. Drake mostly raps about sex and
          girls which is common knowledge to anyone who has heard a good amount of
          his music. What fuckin “street shit” are you reffering to? You say
          people cant relate to street shit and yet thats all the nigga you
          supporting raps about…..and he aint even a street nigga… Tyga
          continues to recycle in his music and fuckin little girls…More people
          can relate to drakes music than Tyga’s. And if you think tyga has more
          money than drake LMAO keep smoking that shit…

  • Guest

    i new drake was a premadona kicki a drama queen, but guess what nicki rely home, and its a chick name de loaf spitting fire

  • James Januaryshottest Wilson

    i knew drake was a premadona. and nickki was a drama queen. my girl remy coming for that ass nickki along with Dej Loaf

  • musicislife910@gmail.com

    Bottom line, this nigga Tyga sucks, Nicki has talent but is too gimmicky and Drake is one the dopest, most talented urban artists out. Couldn’t care less about anything other than the music

  • Florida

    If you like tyga you prob wear underwear with dickholes in them

  • rchizzle

    Fuck tyga he was down with ymcmb when he got put on.now he’s falling off we’ll fell nobody’s bumping that fool anyways

  • SirNoIntro53

    I kinda suspected he and Drake hated each other for awhile now especially since they’ve been label mates for the longest but still don’t have any songs together except for the motto (which Tyga kinda got the boot from anyway)

    • Downey

      Still Got It

  • Wakx

    If u aint dropping hits, u obviously gon hate… Tyga should work harder instead of hating on a ‘real’ hit-dropping nigga

  • TheOhFaSho83

    tricki minaj sucks, fake ass drake sucks, tyga sucks, wayne sucks, baby sucks, lloyd sucks (fake ass wannabe ne-yo, who wants to be ne-yo’s wack ass anyways smh), pretty much anybody and everybody ever affiliated with young money sucks, and that includes bow wow, chris brown, young thug, rich homie quan, and yo gotti or yg or whatever the fuck he’s calling himself now
    the only person i make an exception for is gudda gudda
    i’m sure plenty of y’all will want to disagree lmao of course you will
    so consider this a preemptive strike
    dickriders… dickriders everywhere
    real hip hop for life ~breaks out the industrial strength flame shield and stands atop a troll proof bridge~ go eat a child you fucking lame ass trolls xD oh yeah… and FLAME ON, BITCHES!

  • Ify Divine Nsoha

    Drake is fake….but he’s still better than Tyga.