Tyga Brags Of Past Underage Sex With Kylie Jenner On ‘$timulated’

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  • Anthony Redgrave

    People take too much shit out of context. And its incredible how he put out mixtape of 15 songs of punchlines by thats all You talk about. And hes still does music and its dope as hell. d know that if you did an article on his music and not look for something negative on to talk about on his relationship status.

    • Booyaa

      Tyga’s music is dope yeah, to retards and idiots.

      • Anthony Redgrave

        I guess im a dope or a retard because i like his music. *Teardrop* im gonna go listen to hopsin because no one understands me

        • LoveBoat2smooth

          Hahahahah best thing I’ve ever heard

        • OGG Prince

          Haha ! That was funny, I do listen to him when I be in my “Im misunderstood” moments

    • Connor Van Deventer

      God damn you salty bruh,

    • Toby Burnett

      His music sucks and he’s a child molester. No two ways about it.

  • JAMES l

    its still considered rape even thought she wanted it lol

    • Imventing

      society have a terrible logic when it comes to situations like this.

      • suzanneshills

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      • NYCityKid

        Everything gets a pass, smh… and that’s that 2015 parenting for you.

      • JAMES l

        lol true but if she wants it you think he will think twice about it lol

  • wiener man

    A+ on Grammar

  • Phenom1250

    They really put “yes, he still does music”. What the fuck else you think the nigga is going to do for a living?

    • Omar


    • Lyfestyle

      This whole media commentary is a joke you gotta sift threw it for bits of info.

  • Deborah Fuentes

    Is Bussing out the bag mix with David Bowies Labyrinth? Lol

  • kardsufur

    16 and 17 are legal ages of consent in most u.s. states and most countries around the world so no it wasn’t underage sex

    • People’s Champ

      Actually it was because California’s age of consent is 18

      • Keith Shaun

        which for Cali.. and everything it offers, is surprising too me

      • Craig

        Right and the law also states that parent or guardian of the child has to press charges other wise there is no case

  • William Turner

    Congrats to tyga for smashing this super rich bitch, following kanye’s footsteps

    • Toby Burnett

      Yeah man congrats on being a paedophile. Winning

      • William Turner

        Welcome to America

  • Et cet·er·a

    But the mixtape ain’t bad tho…..


    Coming from a guy who got ged tatted on his eyebrows tyga never got love in this rap game

  • Beezy15

    Whoever wrote this article is retarded. If they really wanted to make Tyga seem like a pedo, they could have said Ice Cream Man is about Kylie