Twitter Is Roasting Drake For His VMA Rihanna Thirst

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  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    Lmfaoo i can deadass picture her saying you’re like a brother to me

  • kautious18

    Dude tried to steal the spotlight

  • BrodieThaGod

    I don’t have any defense for Drake here… Guess everyone gotta take an L sometime

    • Chasen NuthinBut Checks

      When is it OK for a dude to defend Drake ever? He’s here for the bitches, let them do all that…

  • ilikemusic.

    Drake is a herb fuck.

  • Shawn savage

    If you actually pay attention it looks like rihanna was going for the mouth kiss and drake was so used to the cheek he just went for what he knows. Lol

    • Ye’

      See that’s what I thought that’s some super drake shit

  • Sky Hora


  • Bronx Wilson

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  • ChiTownT

    I can’t wait to see how the Drake Stans gonna try and spin this one

  • Food4Thought

    Fuck it.He took his shot on a large stage.Props for laying it on the line

  • Dyceraw120

    Thirsty ass nigga pass that nigga a sprite

    • Trabiscayne


      • sharon.rivera

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        • Trabiscayne

          So you say to churdaling my balls from time to time?

    • Anthony Mitchell

      Aint nothing thirsty about that. Dude showing love to his lady. Showing her off and shit. Only simple minded niggas think that’s thirst. You boys so caught up on having “hoes” that they don’t know how to appreciate a woman. Grow up.

      • Supreme Trunks

        What if she don’t feel the same? Why do extra if she don’t care?

        • Just Sayin

          Its called being thirsty

      • Frank White

        it’s not thirst if they together, but it is doing extra and some Beta male type shit tho…cringe worthy really…

      • Just Sayin

        Nigga that ain’t even his girl to show off nigga u gay

        • Anthony Mitchell

          How exactly does my comment insinuate that I sleep with the same sex? Get a fucking thesaurus you imbecile. And f.y.i. they been dating based off this same sites information.

          • Just Sayin

            Cause u dick riding dude ain’t got a women or had a women wen the last time u saw drake wit anyone or in a relationship that nigga gay even young thug had a bitch a we know he gay o yea and another thing stop listening to everything u here on wshh everyone on here know that half the shit on here ain’t true u asshole

          • Anthony Mitchell

            Never said I was fan of Drake simply stated some facts. You seem to be infatuated with other mens sexuality and yet you called me gay? lmao fuck outta here boy.

    • Mars

      at least he “trying” to drink Sprite tho. if Rihanna is Sprite, you niggas be drinking club soda with no ice.

  • Ye’

    Rih went for the kiss drake put into the cheek boiiiiiii drake I can’t defend yo ass when you be extra drakeing the shit….

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    • kpefdef925

      see my mail bruh?

  • BigMike

    she just gave meek sum ammunition 2 use again drake

  • Astronaut

    If she dont go out with him this is a classic example on how females turn away the romantic nice guy (drake) and want to date niggas thatll call em bitch and beat that ass (chris brown) wtf you think that song #rudeboy was about Drake? A singing nigga. Nahh lol.

  • Mike Donovan

    Black men come from a tradition of being real playa and showing affection to the woman they love. Rap needs to grow up…… i dont care for most of his new music but what the nigga did was real playa. Only high school minded niggas view what he did as thirst. Thats how you get the bitch by making her feel special

    • kpefdef925

      blah blah blah… thats not how u get the bitch… thats maybe how u get the woman… but definitely not the bitch

      • Mike Donovan

        shut up corny ass nigga

  • kpefdef925

    Nicki: “since you were 22 huh? shit had me on the floor

  • Dylan Millions

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  • Matt Leon

    Drake needs to chill lol. He gotta stop falling in love with women that dance on him. Nicki did it first and now Rihanna. Also I can see why it is that Rihanna probably isn’t feeling this dude like that. He said he’s been in love with her since he was 22, which is 7 years but 6 years ago, he made a song called Miss Me where he says “I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I’d admit it, I hope one day we get married..” Drake, bro, you tried it but you probably should have pushed forward a year or 2 lol

  • duh

    That meek mill one was priceless

  • Just Sayin

    This nigga gay this is drake we talking about y this nigga can’t get a bitch he the hottest nigga out but no bitch by his side

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