Twitter Roasts Kevin Hart After He’s Extorted With Sex Tape

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  • FaboLoso

    niggas cheat everyday only question is why did he do this publicly instead of telling her in private.

    • Kasun Madusanka

      He wants to put all of his life out there. Prolly made money off of it.

    • Sciz

      Probably because she was gonna make it public anyway with a sextape or something so he had to go ahead and make it public before she did so she couldnt extort him or make him look even worse

      • FaboLoso

        probably right..anyway I think it was a smart move by him

  • Gr8ness

    I wonder what’s the point of some niggas getting married if they gonna cheat. All that leads to is a eventual divorce if you keep slipping then spousal support & child support if you got a kid and niggas getting raped when it comes to that. Some niggas just need to follow that Derek Jeter playbook.

    • Astronaut

      Need to watch the classic “how to be a player” movie. I still got that shiit

      • Gr8ness

        Classic shit. Movie changed my life as a lil nigga.

    • d1gord

      Jeter done hit pretty much every fine girl and come and go as please. Stress free

      • Gr8ness

        Exactly he played his cards just right. Smashed and dashed throughout his whole career then settled down after he retired.

    • Toraji_ro

      Once you get married & have kids your wife just isn’t up for all the things she use to do.

  • Da Truth

    Yea it’s true a lot of us cheat but this is a perfect example of why u gotta screen these hoes better. Not saying I’m perfect but every since I’ve been married every bih I’ve cheated with has had just as much if not more than me to lose if it all comes out .

    • Frank White

      Haaaaa dog this comment took a turn I wasn’t expecting. Thought u was gonna talk about picking the right girl to marry or something ha

    • Food4Thought

      You have point..This is why Jay and Bey are still together..Neither one of them had anything to gain from a divorce given both of their financial hierarchy

  • Astronaut

    Damn Hart niggas is really “Laughing at your pain” now

  • Mike Donovan

    fucking with a average looking oye bitch. head must of been crazy. cant think of any other reason why

  • NYCityKid

    This ho trying to shame a rich nigga, lol ok.

  • Throw dem Paws den

    Kevin Hart listenin to 4:44 rn

  • BrooklynRaisedMe

    I’m the type of nigga that will be loyal if I’m with someone but when I’m single I’m out here with different women. With that being said if Niggas wanna cheat just stay single, shit is easy and way less problems. Some niggas lie to themselves and like the idea of relationships but really don’t know how to be in one.

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    Technology a gift and a curse

  • Craig

    The sad part is if the chick you with now knew you were cheating with her. You had a prefect opportunity to set up that open relationship and keep it drama free. But the nigga wanted to put on like he was a good faithful nigga and now you got caught slipping. You slacking pimp. If you honest and let women know what you about the ones that still fuck with you can’t say shit and you don’t have to explain shit. Tighten up.

  • Yolkipalki

    Hahaha what a chump…….she should drop his 4 foot little ass , his shit aint even funny anymore.

  • Whitedude


  • Toraji_ro

    “I’m at a place in my life…”
    Got me dying lol
    Never confess to cheating even with that video out. I wld’ve denied it to my death lol