Twitter Reacts To Drake’s ‘More Life’

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  • Melo

    I’m not feeling it. And he isn’t a rapper.

    • Willf

      Yeah he isn’t rapper that that raps and sing in his music. Bitch shut up…

      • Melo

        Yes ma’am

        • Willf

          What’s wrong Mrs. Anthony? Did I ache your vagina???

  • bumpy johnson

    definitely got some dope cuts on there ….. but to be honest he aint really sayin nuthin all I’m hearing they used to love him .. they want him gone . he’s got meek and hov too much on his mind . almost every track is about one of them ………. but it def got some old drake feel tracks on there …

  • Willf

    More Life is legit. All the I’m not feeling its, go listen to KRS-ONE.

  • bumpy johnson

    def got some dope cuts on the album ….but all I’m hearing is they used to love me now they want me gone ….. … but the old drake feel is there …that was missing for a while ….

  • Christian Alston

    I’d like to point out that young thug came correct on the track, that’s a big step.

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    Datz what I forgot to mention, Thugga did kill Dat track with Drake & 2 Chainz.

  • Food4Thought

    I liked and respected the project for having so much’s a very well seasoned album with a lot of flavor and something for everyone

  • Better than views for sure.

  • ChiCity1988

    Drake running the game

    Every fake E thug MAAAAD

  • Johnny Digits

    Thugga thugga made the album good

    • Thee_One1

      lol FOH

    • Chancin’ ✞

      First english verse from thugger ever

  • imaginationsequation

    Tony yayo wrote a pretty good verse for Drake on that free smoke track

    • Jamesq

      Lmao You do understand that he was credited for the sample right?

      • imaginationsequation

        No yayo was credited for writing, they sampled a Danny Brown track

        • Jamesq

          “Free Smoke” contains samples of “Roll Up”, written by Marvin Bernard. Yayo aint writing for somebody. They used more than 1 sample. Samples get writing credits sometimes . Lmao


    The best god bless u drake wishing u more success .

  • SuperPoochie69

    may god keep blessing u ……………..the album is fire , may the hating begin .

  • Lol shoe

    Honeslty who the fuck is giggs. I’m sorry he ruined KMT.

  • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

    Thugga will completely take over the game by 2020

  • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

    Thugga will completely take over tge game by 2020

  • Jerell Hayes

    Trash , garbage , rubbish , waste, unusable material I knew this wouldn’t meet the hype

  • black adam

    personally im not really a drake fan but i do dig travis scott music so im glad to hear him give some love to my city on this album . portland is laid back id welcome yall to come visit sometime. legal weed, strip clubs everywhere, nike hq. come fuck wit us.

  • Errybody KiLLa

    Let the dick riding begin lol
    Drake stans: if you don’t like this album go listen to krs one or sumn..
    #FOH #niggaz be the biggest groupies now a days

  • WolfJames

    Most of ya’ll hating, ya’ll ain’t shit. No like ya’ll having nothing, all you do is talk down about anything, on anything. That’s it, ya’ll hating comments, changes no-thing, certainly not Drake’s fame, not he’s money, or he’s success. So why hate? when you’re a nobody, do ya’ll even have jobs? Are you guys in life? Is you living a happy life? Cause i mean, something must be wrong, when you keep hating on someone’s hustle, what did anyone, doing them, take from you? Stop it!!

  • elbowgrease

    Im not even a big kayne fan but I wish drake weren’t on [ Glow ] haha. I just feel like he’s trying way too hard with his singing