Twitter Reacts To Kyrie Irving Getting Traded For Isaiah Thomas & Much More

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  • bumpy johnson

    man its like these people aint got a life damn …. they live on the internet just to gossip and criticize …

  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    that kyrie missing gordon hayward tweet funny as shit lmao

  • Whitedude

    Just waiting on 2k17 to drop so I can ball out with all the new lineups!
    Side note: Since we already know Kyrie is on the cover, do they reshoot it in a celtics jersey or leave him as a cav?

    • Killa Cam Newton

      Professor2k already did it just hit Y at the play now and download latest roster

      • Whitedude

        I like those rosters but I want the official shit, too! Like, I appreciate the time it took to create all the players that got drafted but I want to see how they REALLY match up against the league, ya know?

    • NYCityKid


      • Whitedude

        Damn, I can’t even believe I did that. Not changing it now tho lol

  • Robyns

    This season will be a doozy…