Troy Ave Posts Video Of Joe Budden’s Girl Cyn Santana Licking Him

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    TA vs JB: TA-1 JB-0

    • youareincorrectbitchnigga


  • Miami_Mayor24

    Niggaz always taking his bitch

  • 100squad

    That’s the best he could do?,..This dude a bum. Hate to dis a Bum like that but he mastering the craft. I’m gone call him Fake Ave..

    • bawse

      having your enemy’s girl licking your face is probably more savage than just doing a diss track TBH

      • YoungPrime

        1) It was before the chick and Joe were together.
        2) Joe and Troy didn’t become “enemies” until Troy released a diss bitching about Joe not being their for him.
        3) Pac claimed he fucked Faith, Nivea left Lil Wayne for Dream, Em’s ex-wife was caught Kissing a club bouncer, Nas’s BM was fucking Hov the wrote a book clowning them and playing herself, Kurupt made a wack ass diss towards DMX for fucking Foxy when he and Foxy were engaged, Michell’e got a kid by Dre and Suge Knight. 50 bragged about fucking one of Rick Ross’s BM’s only to get sued by her later.

        90% of rappers have ho problems. While Troy ave can’t even get 1000 fans to support’em.

      • 100squad

        Just basic asf, & stale like ole bread that been out to long feel me? Or like them Chrysler 300s ya seen one ya seen em all you want to see the 20/20 models look at last years model been there done that.

  • Daniel King

    Troy is a joke man his music is wack man says he was next 2 pac fuck outta here never be like pac he is a legend Troy is a joke

  • Ratchet God Rep That Cap Life

    Come on budden. If u gonna do 3 diss tracks on drake while this man dissed u hard and have ya girl licking his face. You need to respond or dump that girl lol

    • YoungPrime

      For what? Nas survived a verse mentioning “Condoms in his daughter’s car seat”. This aint shit, Troy ave aint shit.


        And when camron said he will r Kelly his daughters face ha ha ha that was fucked up

      • bawse

        Right. And joe is already washed up so what is there to survive anyway lol?

        • YoungPrime

          From my understanding, Rage Against the Machine’s album and tour both turned a profit. And if that shelved SlaughterHouse album was to release today or tomorrow more people would be checking for it than bitching about.

          • bawse

            slaughterhouse the most over rated ever. their fans are like some underground comic fan club that are always waiting for somebody to finally make a movie out of the series…. just always acting like its the greatest when its really just meh

    • Larry J. Felton

      There were 4 diss tracks.

  • YoungPrime

    Keep in mind that Toy Ave is doing all this because Joe wasn’t there for him “during his time of need”……

    That was just a video. After what Joe went through with Tahiry and the NBA this aint shit.

  • DjKhaledStomachh100

    Slim Jesus ain’t sold shit

    • Sean

      but he fucks with savages tho.

    • perfect

      slim jesus is wack but recheck that.

    • T guest

      You sound mad

  • Conner

    all joe has to do is send king crook at em done

  • MartyMcFly

    Only time you see this troy averages name is on some beef shit. Never has hot tracks

    • bawse

      yeah unlike budden…. :bowtie:

  • If she sucking balls I don’t want her licking my face. IJS

    • Spookeysmoker

      Can’t tell these freak niggas in 2017 that

  • it don’t take shit to impress a whore. that bitch is for sale b. for the right price she’ll lick anything.

    all this says is never wife a video hoe.

    file this one to troy can’t buy a W

  • TKingLives

    who cares? all these semi famous women are hoes anyway..

  • bawse

    yo aaron hernandz was soopa gay

  • bawse

    I can’t believe the sheer number of joe buggins dick riders on here trying to defend the man. He’s almost 60 years old, joe can defend himself.

  • DaveyStoned

    did this dude say “tryin to see how balls the balls taste ask your chick she in a vid lickin my face? so does his face taste like balls? what the fuck does that mean? these new rappers are just too fucking weird. joe doesn’t visit you in the hospital so you make a diss record and talk about your face tasting like balls. damn I miss hip-hop.

  • GED

    Akadmiks want Joe to go after Ave, but Joe isn’t bitting tho.. Troy going to find his self in a bad situation trying to bait joe

  • TKingLives

    hahaha, truu, he still ass though.