Troy Ave Posts Footage Of His Crew Abandoning Him In Irving Plaza Shooting

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  • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

    You want niggas to go at a gunman with no gun?

    • Myleage

      and when no one knows what’s happening, they just heard gunshots and ran

      • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

        Facts I’ve never met a nigga whose out here investigating where the shots came from like this is first 48….niggas is trying not to end up on first 48.

      • BrodieThaGod

        Idk, you gotta make sure your people okay. That’s supposed to be like family. You don’t gotta run at the gunman but don’t leave family behind. You can really tell if someone is family depending on how they act in a situation like that.

        • Myleage

          If im with my dudes, but we are scattered, and I hear gunshots, Im running away. I will assume they are not involved. I will wait for them outside and call them. But if I KNOW that they are involved and I’m around the situation, then that’s different. I will try to intervene in that scenario

          • KingsCounty

            Lito is walking away and sees his man on the floor. U can’t tell me he doesn’t know his ppl is in beef. They knew they enemy was in the building so chances are the beef is your ppl.

        • KingsCounty

          These niggas really ok with just walking away while they ppl they came in there with are fighting they enemy. Lito walked away when he looked right at the ppl he came in with on the floor. Who does that? I understand it’s not cool to like Troy Ave but u gotta call a spade a spade.

    • kushxchevys

      Foo like seth from superbad wanted em to jump in front of the bullet like the noogie lol

    • Don

      Troy Ave is a straight dumbass, kid doesn’t know what he wants at this point. He’s fighting gun charges, but yet still trying to protect his little online rap reputation.

  • Astronaut

    Bet money they told him not 2 do it and he went in shooting anyway.*dug his own grave* not everybody has bail money like u

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    Niggaz don’t give a Fuck Nigga.
    *Snoop voice*

  • bawse

    That’s not his “crew” or his “friends”. Just some people. Maybe he learned his lesson… calling someone your friend or some people your crew doesn’t make them your friend or your crew.

  • JThomp187

    nigga’s still corny and garbage on the mic tho, this don’t change shit.

  • KingsCounty

    Y’all niggas in here is wild pussy. Regardless is Troy Ave is a clown or not his ppl still ran on him.

    He a clown but he didn’t back down and his ppl ran away and now hovain doing interviews with Rick Ross so he moving upward.

    What’s wrong with calling out sucker shit when u see it? Hovain been with Troy since day 1 it seems and since this night he turned his back (it seems) so unless someone like breakfast club sits down to get hovain side of the story, he and Lito look like some frauds and they did Troy dirty and left they friend/bodyguard to die.

    You come to a function with your team and you see the guy y’all have beef with you know he’s there and when an altercation breaks out you don’t go to check on your own ppl?

    And y’all in these comments consigning it? I never comment here cuz y’all such clowns but seriously y’all can’t be pussy too.

    Troy Ave isn’t wrong in this situation even tho he still a clown he’s not wrong.

    • Virginia Burt

      I’m with you

    • Nigga this is why niggas get booked as co defendants cause dumb niggas want you stand around and witness shit messy half a block away shoot but don’t kill as niggas this shit is a art and Troy ave was sloppy af

  • Well I can clearly see that was Troy aves first shooting you want niggas around that’s not shooting or probably not even into catching wreck lol he a clown trying to live off this shooting

  • d1gord

    I would have bounced too. I’m only hanging for the good times. If y’all start acting like niggas, I’m out