Troy Ave Blasts Joe Budden on ‘Press Spray’

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  • You mad huh?

    “Jealously is fake
    Seen the boy do the same to Drake
    We both fucked women that he date
    When it comes to hoes he doesn’t take,” Troy raps
    “You a drug addict and a bitch-beater
    Rap podcaster and a dick-eater”

    wheres the lie?lmao

    • Bill Jansen

      But its trash 2 hot bars at the end lol yall whallldin joe budden would embarrass destroy and spit out Troy Ave no competition Joe Button is way more talented lyrical and seasoned he would destroy this clown

  • smith jones

    Ohhhhh yess I like this cause they gonna keep it on wax..! I miss old rap beef when They didn’t hide who they dissing

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    Only posting diz comment to show my Avi as Joe’s reaction.

  • Samisback

    lol ave airing everybody out..nigga not playing, but you know eventually Joe will respond to matter what he says.