Travis Scott’s AstroWorld Tour Is Going To Have The Craziest Stage Ever

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  • kushxchevys


  • Matt Leon

    HHE, ya’ll wildin out with some of these articles XD. “Rapper and Jenner/Kardashian impregnator, Travis Scott.” I’m on the floor right now as I type this.

  • Supreme Trunks

    But you know how crazy the lines are for amusement parks. I guess you could jig to the music while you stand in line but damn. That’s wild. On another note, it’s dope he basically trying to bring back Astro World and make it nationwide

  • Triple O

    He’s gonna go broke off this tour. Especially if something goes wrong with that “amusement park.” Can you say class-action lawsuit?

  • Charlie


  • Craig

    I see someone getting injured and suing him.