Travis Scott Promises A New Album Within A Week

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  • BrodieThaGod

    Hope the rest the album better than that snippet there. I like Scott but idk bout that one

    • Kingquazy

      Whattt?? I thought it sounded smooth as a bitch! Definitely sounded albumish rather than mixtapeish.

  • Kingquazy


    • ilikemusic.

      I hope it’s a proper follow up to Rodeo. He set the bar high. We’ll see

      • Shaw

        I have faith

      • Kingquazy

        I think he knows. When I listen to his music, I can just tell he’s more intelligent than the image he puts out there. I think he knows he has to come correct. Every single song since Rodeo has been a straight banger to me. Pick Up The Phone, Dinosaurus, 3 Wayz, Wonderful, A-Team, and that Uber Everywhere Rmx. All of them are straight heat, no misses since. At least to me.

  • I’m on deck…wasn’t really fuckin wit him till I heard rodeo. shit was dope. let’s see if he can keep it up

  • Nicholas IcoNick Loomis

    I’m very happy about this.

  • ilikemusic.

    Pick up the phone was fuckin flames….if the songs sound similar to that then ITS LIT!

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  • tgreco

    smh at the title of this shit

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