Travis Scott Knocked Up A Jenner/Kardashian

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  • Melo

    This nigga Tyga gotta be sick right now! I would’ve never have thought Kylie would’ve let this nigga Travis Scott plant a seed in her.

    • Rome

      Nigga ugly af and she was hit af before the surgery so I expect the baby to come out looking like one of them mutant niggas from wrong turn.

      • thorn416

        You are so fuckin out of pocket lmao

      • TKingLives


      • Je’sus

        Lol them niggas were incest Tf. Damn

      • Jet La LaLa La Life

        Whoa whoa thats a flag! Come on REF! How u ain’t gone call that!

    • MartyMcFly

      Hoes gon be hoes

    • Nicholas IcoNick Loomis

      aye Travis makes better music than Tyga atleast.

  • Rome

    How can these Niggas be so willing to have a baby by a kardashian or Jenner. These rappers are suckers

    • kinglobey

      they saying shes gonna make 420 M’s in 2018 alone…. we the suckers

  • SkidRow

    Love how they called chynas baby “spawn* hahahha

  • d1gord

    Lol at Rob and chyna “spawn”

  • d1gord

    That nigga literally shot his shot. Good for him. She never gonna be rid of his ass even when he fall off

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Well to be clear, he’s not falling off anytime soon…Both of his albums went platinum and he’s still signed to Grand Hustle and affiliated with G.O.O.D. Music. And give him some credit, other than Tyga, Kylie isn’t as ran through as her older sisters. Now if Travis’ next album is garbage we will know the Kardashian Curse is real

      • Shaun

        Nah b. Every kardashian is ran through lmao. You just don’t hear about it. I’m sure Kylie got some side niggas who know how to keep they mouth shut for a few dollars. But I agree with you on Travis, he’s not falling off anytime soon.

      • d1gord

        Just because tyga was the only dude we heard of, does not mean she isn’t ran through. She got the game from her sisters so somehow she supposed to be different? And like I said, good for him getting a baby attached to her. They money gonna last way longer than his.

      • Poopmaster

        I agree Travis that nigga now, but I can’t stand Travis’s sound idk. I was into him as the background guy. The only song I really like by the guy , and I mean it’s a really dope song is the “original” “Maria I’m drunk” without the beibs.

  • jurassicjrod

    who didn’t see this coming? … did travis plan this all along?

    • Melo

      I never saw this one coming. I’m totally blown away by it. She has no standards, other than a nigga having bread. She could’ve did better.

      • L boog

        Hatin ass mf!! Lmaoo

        • Melo

          I’m not hating. I’m happy that he’s a successful black man. It’s a good look for him. I’m talking about her.

          • L boog

            Fam “she could’ve done better” not hatin bruh? It was his time and she chose him to plant that seed. You know the game if they choose you right?

      • Ben Blazon

        I don’t think him having bread had that much to do with it, even tho she wouldn’t of done that with a lame… Her makeup line alone made like 400M, her family is worth over a B combined. For them, having a baby = even more revenue. That’s how I see it.

  • Shaun

    ” lemme cum inside ya, let me plant that seed inside ya.” -Travis Scott, Love Galore

  • smith jones

    Lol 27 no babies.. niggas is clowns

  • YoungPrime

    If it weren’t for Travis Scott having the dominant gene (the African one) which Alt-right are clearly bothered by when it comes to us impregnating their women. I couldn’t care less. Just keep melting the pot that is America while dickheads like Trump and his supporters bitch and moan about it.