Travis Scott Gave Quavo A Fancy, Shiny Chain

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  • FuckYaCommentB…

    It’s like Quavo Da only member of Migos Dat Ppl in Da industry recognize in a Standout way. I wonder how Da others feel & how long it’s Gon take b4 Dem solo/breakup rumors start. It happens with every group.

    • Mr_too_Kleen

      I hope they don’t break up tho.

    • HotlineQueef

      F my A hole Nigger

    • Craig

      He got something that stand out. He seems to be coming into his own getting his own features all over the place without the rest of Migos. 2 chainz using him for hooks like he is nate dogg or something.

      • FuckYaCommentB…

        Yeah I definitely notice Dat. I wonder how Da other members feel about Dat doe. Takeoff is hard as hell too, I would’ve rather had him on “Bad & Boujee” than uzi. Plus Dey not really related like Dey claim, so if Dey break up, I wouldn’t be surprised cuz It happen to most groups.

  • Mr.wlison

    Welcome to the gang not the game.

  • Frank Reynolds

    i think they know quavo is blowing up and has a unique voice and hopefully will let him shine. would much rather only quavo on a 3 minute song, offset and takeoffs flow are extrememly repettitive, althouh culture was much better than expected

    • BigHomie

      Me and my homie were just saying how quavo has the voice ,but never says shit. Takeoff and Offset have boss lyrics if you actually listen. But in my opinion Takeoff the best of Migos.

      • Frank Reynolds

        i agree but if it doesnt sound ‘good’ then it really doesnt do it for me ya know