Toronto Rapper Robin Banks Shot Nine Times

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  • T guest

    Note to self, Do not go to a bar/lounge called Cameo

    • kushxchevys

      Dont b scared now

      • T guest

        Lol fuck that I’m trying to dance with won’t save me

  • Konfuzed

    HHE has some corny ass editors. Dude is in life threatening condition and they start off with guys are getting 50 cent treatment up north, they some petty ass editors.

    • The King Of Armageddon

      True and I wish dude the best in recovering but honestly I’m sorry, my mind went straight to what happened to 50 Cent when I read the headline and his rap name didn’t make it any better……damn I hope I ain’t be going to hell :/

    • Bill Jansen

      Nah not petty smart nigga !!! They now how to squeeze in off datpiff lil corner lol when niggas is bored from the mixtapes hahah