Things Still Don’t Seem Well With DJ Khaled And Ace Hood

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  • ShaneM34

    I wish ace wouldn’t get so overlooked. Such a great and lyrical artist

    • Astronaut

      Top 12 imo

      • Nii Mensa

        Ace hood top 12!?? LMFAO! that man’s top 5

        • Astronaut

          Naw naw I most definitely think top 5. In my head I said “At Least Top 12” but just typed Top 12. Either way it go its still true. He super underrated. Folks only know him from his Bugatti and We Outchea with Wayne. Im like yaw need go download his shiit today.

    • Jeremy Sims

      He got his recognition around Starvation 2 days. His shit still bang but it’s not the Ace that niggas hopped on so that’s why. He still popping tho for the most part

    • Supreme Trunks

      Bruh he just got a bad marketing team. Like dude below me says, he generated heat on his own during S2 days but his team didn’t take advantage of it and put him out there more

  • Johnny 8Ball

    Beefing with Khaled?…….. L

  • jdt96

    Yup. That sounds right and makes more sense. Fixed.

  • yung

    I remember when his “rollie” fell apart loool

    • Supreme Trunks

      It “committed suicide” lol

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Forget that Ace just needs to separate himself from that snake. He can do better without Khaled…

  • Hans Clauelle

    Anyone looking for some green, hmu.
    Get plugged (6.6.1) 7.5.0-
    Drops are real quick