They’re Working On A Migos Movie

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  • Vaped Krusader

    All the young pics of Migos shows them living in the suburbs. Can’t wait to see that movie.

    • Nate

      Most of these new niggas are but as long as there are desperate people in the hood willing to co-sign people for pennies this will continue.

  • Mec-One


    • King T’Challa

      Lmao even that won’t help

      • Killa Cam Newton


    • Killa Cam Newton


  • King T’Challa

    Why? lol these niggas barley got their feet wet in the game

  • LatarionMilton

    Hope it’s good, we need more hood movies. Acting is always horrible but somehow they end up being good. I’m Bout it, Baller Blocking, Choices, Killa Season, State Property are some of my favorites lol.

    Oh and Plug Love is a newer, shit was good, some Detroit niggas.

    • realtalk

      Difference between those you named and their potential movie is those movies had actual hood artist in them lol migos aren’t hood , they from the suburbs you know something how Chris rock acted in cb4 lol

      • Skeazaleo The Don

        and CB4 is a classic my nigga….lol

        • realtalk

          Did u get my point lol

    • Skeazaleo The Don

      tell me why I was JUST looking at plug love on Amazon, looked at it, thought about it. Then I was like naaa..Looks too bootleg…lol Imma check it out though now since you said it’s straight.

      • LatarionMilton

        Its falls into that category lol. But check it out I liked it

        • Skeazaleo The Don

          I got another one for you. It’s bootleg, but lowkey funny as hell…Google a movie called “Da Block Party” I don’t know how you gonna find it cuz I don’t think they put shit like that on netflix, but if you DO happen to find it one day. It’s worth the lil hour and a half it takes to watch


    shit gone be worse than baller blockin!!

  • Da Truth

    Gotta ride the wave while it’s wet

    • Killa Cam Newton


  • jurassicjrod

    PLEASE NO…it will probably be animated…..they prob got this idea after that “Llama Llama Red Pajama” shit….
    Just no though…we can’t afford to corrupt our youth more

  • Matt Leon

    This sounds like it’s stupid but nah these guys are making some real business moves. I hope they put their all into this movie. Like get this shit good enough to hit box office movie theater type shit and they might actually get something going here.