They Wouldn’t Let J. Cole Into Toronto Nightclub [VIDEO]

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  • Hoffa

    J.Cole be looking crazy. I wouldnt let him in either.

    • Thee_One1

      him and kendrick really trying to look like shit…but i like it…dont GAF and just floating through life

      • Niggas been looking like that in lhilly for years that’s old news

        • Thee_One1

          LHilly? WTF is that

        • Thee_One1

          we talking about celebs not regular ass fools….whereever LHilly is…that your neighborhood?

          • Meant philly but because someone famous does it it makes it different?

          • Thee_One1

            lol yes!!! my comment giving them props for not giving a shit for being famous…if you regular there isnt a limelight on you….you can be in the shadows. But i feel you

          • I dig what they doing but that don’t show a struggle if I had money I’d still dress the same most rich people don’t get dressed check out CEO of amazon or bill gates niggas shop at k mart for clothes

    • CDot

      Lmao that’s factual! They probably thought he was homeless

  • Manny Bravo

    The club might’ve had a dress code that J. Cole’s bum-looking ass didn’t meet.