There’s a Petition To Ban Bun B From All Houston Sporting Events

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  • You mad huh?

    The shit people cry about man lol

  • Shavir Harrysunker

    Wow Houston going against their own rappers? Lil’ Flip all over again.

  • Jermaine J. Joseph

    its not bum b fault that the team sucks…

  • Craig

    HHE will you fucking read your own articles before you publish. “THE UKG RAPPER” “CURSED HAS CURSED”. The fuck do y’all be smoking over that way. It’s UGK.

    • Andrew Trevillian


    • Travis Earnest

      My sentiments exactly, it is just a damn shame when supposedly professional writers do not proofread their writing. For the record, it ain’t Bun B fault the teams lose games.

      • duh

        Im on the same sht that new era is dope

  • MartyMcFly

    You seriously made a story about this?

  • Petty: that it is.

  • Nate Parker

    Ugk for life. Bun B is the O.G. keep doing what your doing B. Pimp C would be proud

  • locodon

    This is the silliest shit ever.

  • Johnny Digits

    Keep it Trill….RIP Pimp C

  • Killa Cam Newton

    Damn they called him a bandwagon fan.