There Is Evidence Of A New Jay Z Album

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  • Hhe reach game on a millionth can y’all help cavs come back

    • NYCityKid



      check first team in nba history

  • NYCityKid

    Illuminati shit

  • Gaugabuck

    Can’t wait

  • P28

    Sound like what Drizzy did for the Views album.

  • Woahnow

    Jay z trash tho

    • Stop22

      You retarded.

      • Daniel King

        Stop22 that guy don’t know his rap saying Jay Z trash he doesn’t have a clue

    • Allen Smith

      Leave and never come back

    • CO Killer

      Don’t ever share your opinion again

  • duh

    Jay ain’t what he used to be

  • Je’sus

    Man he better have bars. Magna Carta producers saved that album.
    No more hov on trap beats man.

  • Matt Leon

    I honestly hope this isn’t no response album. Jay-z is officially late to even think of doing that at this point. He missed the deadline. I just want a legit new album. I’m no Jay-z fan but even still, I want something that is just new from him.

  • Imwhite

    Since we on the subject of ‘source code’ HHE can ya’ll please put the favicon in your HTML so I know which tab is HHE. The main page has that speaker thing so I know ya’ll have it

  • anaiskarim

    The babies will be born on July 4th.