There Is A Feminist Backlash To Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’

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  • Konfuzed

    People always have something to bitch about. Can’t wait for the album!!

    • StarScream22

      “Ay, that misogynistic! Black men should blah, blah, blah…..” ~Typical Annoying Bitches

  • The King Of Armageddon

    Just goes to show the difference between smart women and dumb bitches…Ijs

    • burk

      Hahaha Mans drake turn up the heat on this niggas .But nobody can do it like him though.nigga talking about stretch marks ..! Fucking idoit

      • The King Of Armageddon

        Clearly you didn’t get what my comment meant. All I’m saying is those lyrics weren’t shaming Black women in anyway. He stated his opinion of what he don’t like and what he prefer to see from women which is natural beauty, not a bunch of fake shit. At the end of the day, people can do whatever they want with their lives. So if women feel the need to make fake images of themselves, hide behind A LOT of make-up and so on then okay do your thing but don’t get mad if a nigga don’t like that shit.

        • burk

          I clearly understood what you saying , my point is does he not have the style and lyrical ability to rap about or to talk slick about women ! He has an opinion, but that’s not his lane . That’s not his style leave to The Coles and Chris brown , Drake ..and so on. He sound like he preaching sermon..

          • The King Of Armageddon

            Alright my bad but I find nothing wrong, it was a few bars and nothing major. Stay in his lane?!? Oh you mean like Poetic Justice? These Walls? Complexion (A Zulu Love Story)? So don’t speak on women at all? I guess if that’s how you wanna hear KL make his music. I mean honestly I would be concerned if he never mentioned women but that would be his business. Some people just won’t be satisfied.

          • burk

            It’s whatever though.shouts to Drake for forcing these rappers to work and not be mediocre

          • Mortimer Jones

            Drake is pop music lol

          • Dvillain.

            Drake isn’t forcing anyone to rap. How fucken old are you kid.

          • burk

            Bro, his ability to rap about subject matter that seem to be unapproachable and totally out of bounds your typical rap artist is forcing all these other dudes to grab the mike and say what’s on their mind in regards to particular matter Am not saying he’s the originator …Wale , Common ,.kanye ,Cole and a handful of others have also harnessed that uncanny ability and still be cool

          • Tayler Gorton

            you are clearly just a drake fan this article isn’t about drake so you are just showing a sense of ignorance that seems childish

          • burk

            It’s a hip hop forum , am just stating a trend ..

          • ilikemusic.

            “AND NOTHING BEEN THE SAME SINCE I DROPPED CONTROL TUCKED THAT SENSITIVE RAPPER BACK IN HIS PAJAMA CLOTHES.” Kendrick been on fire since day one. Changed the game with Good Kid Maad City. Dropped Control, literally told these rappers to step it up, and Drakes been stepping up/sub dissin since. Even spoke out against the Kendrick verse in public. Dont ever get it twisted. Drake just sneak disses n Kendrick retorts. Kendrick will “Rigamortis” Jimmy back to his wheelchair…sit down and stop with the befoolery.If Drake didnt fear Kendrick he wouldve Meek Mill’d him. Kendrick is the Dumbledore to that snake ass Voldemort yall call Drizzy.

          • Ayoon

            dude you wanna know why? Because his talents originated in canada, the guy never came from the hood, and he knows the king’s english better than he does ebonics. Do you even know Ebonics at all? The guy shows he has 0 knowledge of it and has to make up modern day ebonics that all these soft high school kids listen to and they try to talk like him but it doesn’t sound hood at all. it sounds like a bunch of nerds ruining something again because they don’t have a relatable social outlook on life compared to the average joe. Every time i tell these kids to listen to Big L’s Ebonics and that this is how hip hop is supposed to be made. Drake barely has a shred of understanding of oldschool black life b/c he’s never lived the struggle. That’s y he can’t relate to black folk who’ve been through real shit and understand the real struggle of blacks and why hip hop is supposed to be the way it is. Hip hop was a political movement to address socio-economic problems among the black community. IT was to talk about it and express yourself about how you feel about these problems. The reason you like Drake’s shit is b/c all he can relate to is the problems of the average middle-class bro and can only see things at surface level rather than deep in. WHen has he ever made a deep song? and that’s y u love it.

          • burk

            I clearly understand, your opinion and your philosophy on what unadulterated hip hop should sound, like. Unfortunately you are being a bit naive in assuming that ., the ” average middle class ” doesn’t suffer from the same socioeconomic struggle that plague people in the ” hood” .

          • “shouts to Drake for forcing these rappers to work” Do you mean the rappers that work for him writing his bars? Because those are the only rappers Drake could ‘force’ into rapping…

          • Ye’

            Nahh Drake done enough work he can just chill for a minute Kendrick on the other hand is on to something I personally like the stretch marks some bitches just too sensitive we gotta leave that shit behind

      • Jay Dee

        Calling someone an idiot and then misspelling said word is kinda ironic, don’t you think

  • Thee_One1

    basically he should of showed a white bitch with stretch marks

    • jurassicjrod


    • Brandon Braxton

      Lmfao, basically.

    • Brent Clark

      Then the same black females that were mad at what he did would have been pissed because he had a snowbunny. You can’t win with some folks

      • Thee_One1

        Typical american broads in general. They complain and need so much shit no matter what is going on. About to just chill with some foreign chicks and fade out

        • adrian pate

          I just got back from Colombia bro trust me it’s worth it

          • Thee_One1

            Yesssss. I love Colombia! Took a trip there a couple years ago.

  • bawse

    Never procreate with a feminist. In 20-30 years, problem solved.

  • djayjb09

    With real black women we will never get it right.

    • The King Of Armageddon

      Careful, they’ll see this comment and accuse you of disrespecting every Black women smh lol

      • djayjb09

        Too true bro

  • bruh…american men should be all the way ashamed of themselves for even letting feminists think we take them seriously in this country.

  • Samisback

    lol I bet all them women that’s complaining have fake asses, he spoke the truth..tired of seeing women with fake asses, all these video chicks are starting to look the same.

  • Food4Thought

    Great the feminazis are at it again.I bet all they asses single as fuck

  • SY

    Im not a big fan of the song but not because of those reasons. People who complained are the type of people that are just never happy with anything and will always find something to bitch about. I hope future Kendrick songs are better than this tho

    • Melo

      The ones complaining are the ones who he’s talking about. The make up and all the extra shit. All the misleading filters. How and why tf are you gonna put on fake eyelashes to go to the bodega? Shit like that. There’s more fake shit than natural shit.

      • Whill

        Stretch marks can be removed by laser surgery. There’s nothing unnatural about that. All the other shit though, butt implants, cosmetics, sew-in weaves, wigs, fake nails, fake eyelashes, yeah that shit is not necessary for real……

        • Melo

          What’s unnatural is getting them removed. Love yourself. Keep your shit as tight as you can without modifications/filters. The world is so worried about looks and style that mfs will go to lengths to look good, but really don’t. It’s a gas.

          • Whill

            Stretch marks happen when your body stretches your skin out that’s not unnatural or any loveless to yourself to get them removed. It’s not modifying or filtering because that shit wasn’t their it occurred there through events of growing. Only thing gassing is you people thinking you know what you’re talking about. You can’t blow down on people because you have a perception on what ya’ll niggas like. Nigga everything is natural; everything natural has a chemical base to it. The world is so egotistical and pompously stupid they don’t know what from what anymore, and that’s why you replied with an arrogant and ignorant comment. The worse part about this world is mothafuckas can’t be human to make their own choices without niggas getting all upset just to keep the hate going. Then ya’ll deflect on what’s really the problem instead of uplifting these females lets go talk about what we don’t like about them some more or what we think is an ideal of a “natural” women; yeah nigga that’s the gas, but you’re going to reply stupidly anyways.

          • Ayoon

            you’re trying to sound deep and above everyone but you’re not. take your own words and eat it cause that’s the real gas. You stating people can’t tell “what for what” but you saying “yea nigga that’s the gas” and acting like you know what’s up saying others “deflect on what’s real the problem instead of uplifting these females.” yea, like you actually know better lmao. So by ur logic, we should uplift the white supremacists who are really just that way out of brainwashing (not their own fault) and try to uplift them from their misguided social anxieties? That sounds absolutely stupid right? See you don’t understand that these females are hypocrites. They’re wearing the makeup, getting the implants, etc. but they get all offended when someone says they don’t like that shit b/c it’s not real and you’re lying about yourself. But we just have to accept that they are victims and need to be uplifted from their social anxiety of having stretch marks and whatnot right?. God do you sound stupid. This isn’t a matter of perception. You don’t seem to understand that beauty standards and whatnot are man-made inventions. Maybe i have the advantage of understanding how media and advertising works since I work in advertising but you don’t seem to understand that all of that shit is man-made idea and it’s wrong. These ideas were produced for the main goal of making $. Women are spending money they shouldn’t be spending on clothes, cosmetics, hair stylists, etc. It’s a literal waste of money. women’s wardrobes i guarantee are worth more than some cars. That’s the real fucking gas. and yet you’re saying we’re butthurt cause our perception of how things should be is not right for this situation. Lmao. you’re the guy who likes to enable your kids. you’re an enabler who ends up spoiling ur kid and having false perceptions of how “good” ur kid is. You just apply that to rest of society though. How fucking naive.

    • Whill

      Kendrick is complaining in the song; yawnnn on that double standard. You’re point of view on how you’re sick of this or that is complaining. Most of us humans do the shit everyday even you. Lol; this comment section is too goofy for me, because ya’ll are getting hyped of what they’re saying just as they got hyped of what Kendrick said


    Fuck no they don’t have a point. They stupid!

  • Dvillain.

    Again, people on twitter are hella sensitive.

  • Mec-One

    They mad that he called out them stretch marks …….

    “Stretch marks look like a US road map” – Bobby Digital

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      why didnt u just say rza

  • Melo

    Fuck your feelings. We need less filters women. Please.

  • Hood Oracle

    women finding new ways to argue about shit like shut up and get in the kitchen bitch

  • MR.F

    Rap is not for the sensitive.

  • Whill

    So a nigga preference on what women he likes is him trying to uplift African American women?????? Lol okay America. Plus, stretch marks can be removed with laser surgery; so Kendricks line was hella unintelligent. So the bitching on both sides is so irrelevant; LMAO. Can’t wait for the album though.

    • Supreme Trunks

      I wouldn’t say his line was unintelligent. All he saying is don’t feel self conscious about stretch marks. If you wanna get rid of them cool but if u don’t want to spend a stack on surgery to get rid of them you’re still beautiful.

      • Whill

        It was a tad bit unintelligent for calling it unnatural not to have them, since stretch marks aren’t really adding on to you body when you remove them, but I see where you’re coming from.

  • Luis

    People these days always got to complain man, those women don’t know what they’re talking about, they just want to post something and judge something everyday

    • Whill

      Kendrick just judged women; and aren’t you complaining? Ya’ll niggas kill with this double standard shit, lol.

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    if you dont like it dont listen bitches

  • Jonnae

    Hell no feminists don’t have a point. They don’t have a point because If he would’ve showed an ass with no stretch marks, they’d complain about how he doesn’t appreciate all body types.

  • Tayler Gorton

    People are over sensitive A. the reason its a male prospective is cause hes a male B. It’s Rap when we start listening to the opposition and writing based on what they think is selling out C. its dumb how people are saying its immoral in voicing your Idea of beauty (or a particular body type), this is censorship and won’t change the lines. I could keep going but dont really want to.

  • Lyndon UndergroundKing Armstro

    No they dont, if they call themselves feminists then they should be about up lifting women. Migos said they like their women bad n boojie you people didn’t say shit about that. Now here comes a guy that likes natural God given hair that grew on women’s head naturally and stretch marks shit that make us human and you people bitch about. Stop being bad bitches with the weave and start being classy women with dreams.

    • Whill

      You’re correlating Migos to Kendrick? Everything on this planet God made; lmao. God didn’t give women stretch marks; that shit is a natural occurrence through the stages of growth development. To get them remove wouldn’t be unnatural. A modification or filter is a add on; taking marks off that wasn’t there before isn’t adding on. Stretch marks are basically wounds you idiot. Now butt implants, cosmetics, sew-in weaves, wigs, fake nails, fake eyelashes are adding on. Making your body look good without adding on isn’t unnatural. Ya’ll niggas must like sloppy ass women. Damn so we have men who like sloppy ass women and we have men who like boujie, bad, and no class have ass and lack of beauty women. LMAO; and don’t get to saying why women are complaining when men are out here still complaining about looks. This world is so fucking unethical that every time a man or woman get to complaining on someone’s looks it just amuses me. Between both sides all ya’ll can shut the fuck up for real.

      • Ayoon

        god ur a fucking clown. you just like those bad bitches you see on tv cause you know you’ll never get em. Guess what though? everything you see on a screen is fake shit. anything that has to do with modifying the body is expensive no matter how you look at it. So you here talking about all of this is meaningless b/c u have an idea of what “sloppy ass women” are and what “your type of women” are. The fact that you already say that shows you don’t know shit about what’s god-given or god-made. You don’t understand that there’s no such thing at all. This was all created by man. Or are you going to argue that since man was made by god, what men does to the world such as dumping waste, making materials after using chemical and other industrial processes, and fabricating everything in order to make $ (something in itself that is not real in the natural world) is all natural? you don’t make sense at all. You seem to still be confused about the whole ugly woman and pretty woman argument. There’s no such thing and that’s what kendrick’s arguing. He likes those girls with stretch marks and he doesn’t like those girls who probably shouldn’t be spending the extra $ to make themselves look good according to the magazines and acceptable beauty standards of America. But i guess you’d be willing to spend that $ on your daughter since you find it acceptable right? fucking p.o.s. troll at least learn to keep up with ur argument if ur gonna rip on everyone

  • TKingLives

    He’s saying fuck Photoshop because its putting unrealistic ideals on women and embracing the natural look. what the fuck is the problem? All women eventually get them, people need to stop crying over everything. Ill still dick her down on her mommas couch in polo socks!

  • Tay Patterson

    Fake is in now people forgot what real is…. its ok to where Makeup

  • ilikemusic.

    Drake started this backlash. Im sure he hired a hundred women and paid them to complain cuz people already forgetting about More Life

  • Twiz

    Bruh rap music is not for feminists. Its just that simple

    • Whill

      Rap music actually is feminist since they all are supporting their view on what women “should” look like. I mean…………. They’re still rapping their ideologies about women; lol.

      • Ayoon

        of all the clowns here in the comments section that you seem to laugh at, you’re the biggest clown. I can tell you just like to be “right” about everything. So it sounds to me like you accept false beauty standards; accept how media, business, and every retail industry are working together to make shit tons of $; and simply like the fact that females try to make themselves look like the half-naked chick on your favorite magazine. If anything, you’re the only one who has 0 clue on how double standards work. Take a long look at yourself and what you like/don’t like and see if any of it is actually ur opinion to begin with. Try to even remember the first time you thought that you “liked” something that most people don’t like because it’s not advertised that way. For me, weed is one thing that I know I tried and back then it was considered as demonic as smoking crack or meth. And guess what? Weed is now considered beneficial and all this blah blah nonsense when combusting anything and inhaling anything that is burning isn’t good for you no matter how good the pure chemical content is. My point? Ideologies are good and life teaches you what can make for happier people. The problem is when you choose to enable everything out of a sense of wanting true freedom and “being human.” It seems you care more about human freedom and acting as human as possible when you don’t really understand that it’s impossible to define such a thing.

        • Whill

          That’s good lie there. Let me know how far in life you get with weed. Double standardizing is men saying they do look good, and men saying they don’t look good. Right about everything; Lol. That’s what stupid people refer to someone when they tell the truth. You think everything is an opinion Huh? Aren’t you trying to prove to me that you’re right and I’m a fucking joke? Aren’t you and the rest lame niggas opinionated on how women “should” look. “So it sounds to me like you accept false beauty standards” No, it sounds to you that you like being bias. What is false beauty in a world where men praises and rejects just about everything a female does, wears, or how her body looks? You can keep lying though; this only makes you look even more unintelligent, since you like writing stories and such.

  • yolkipalki69

    tune the feminist out, they are like the knight Templars

  • Imwhite

    Still waiting on that fire feminist track

  • Ayoon

    lmao set the onus on black women to enforce authenticity? These people are fucking stupid. You’re brainwashed because of the advertising industry, the fashion industry, and the cosmetics industry telling you you’re ugly with photoshopped models and all that shit. They keep drilling those psychological effects on you until you start buying their shit. I remember my consumer media class (I was going for advertising and political science in school) was great and one of the biggest things that stuck with me is how they advertise based on natural fears. Back when segregation was going on, white people wanted a way into the black market (they wanted black folk to buy their products). Well, there’s a psychological thing that since black people wanted the same rights and equality as right, they can design ads and whatnot in ways that make it seem like “hey if I buy this product, i’ll be just as clean or pretty or w/e as a white person is idolized as.” well…they did that with soap. Some soap ads were targeted like ” you wanna be clean and pure with a rich, flowing, bright skin!”. Believe it or not, it worked and it sold a lot. The advertising industry and media is the reason why you like the things you do and you buy the products you do when it’s unneeded spending of cash. So before you even speak about some bullshit like you’re politically correct, maybe expand on your knowledge and history so you can better understand what you’re saying instead of looking like a mindless drone. People like trump supporters are already calling out idiots like these twitter warriors for their ignorance. Let me say it again. Both sides are fucking ignorant. You need to get educated and fast b/c both of you sound dumb af