The Weeknd Is Embarking On The ‘Legend Of The Fall’ World Tour

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  • Dave

    can’t wait, real artist, real music, real talent. This generations Michael Jackson..I’ll be there, no worries on the ticket cost..

    • Mec-One

      Michael Jackson?! You crazy ….. he’s not even this generation Babyface ……..

      • Dave

        cmon man…that’s fucked up…if you dont agree just say it, but damn, babyface?? hahah… Weeknd is his own sound…(just like michael jackson)

        • ilikemusic.

          If he could dance then yes! I see what you mean though. I can dig that

          • Dave

            Thanks man, and his dancing had me dyin in starboy.. Walk had swagger though

        • Mec-One

          I was actually giving him props considering how many hit songs Babyface has written for not only himself and other artists as well ……
          Yeah he had his own sound …… so does yoko ono ….. how close is she to MJ

          • Dave

            Weeknd 25 years old man.. You speakin like theres no more wax for the worries though, youll nod in agreeance like you knew it all along when rolling stone declares it though right? Sheep

      • BTCKING


        • Mec-One

          Oh, you must be looking for attention. …… okay …… powerful post homie!
          Now, go away ….. smh

  • BrodieThaGod

    Hopefully the rest of the album is better than what he’s shown so far. These last couple of tracks just don’t sound that good

  • Matt Leon

    I’m gonna make sure to cop that Starboy album. I like how he actually manages to switch lanes each year with his music. His first two albums will probably always be my favorite of any style he chooses but you gotta respect the dude for branching out like he does.