The Police In Florida May Or May Not Be Boycotting Beyonce

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  • TheRenaissanceMan


  • Phenom1250

    Even Florida’s police cant use twitter professionally

    • Je’sus

      Please tell us our Ls and if you Lebron James your just asinine

  • ilikemusic.

    I work in downtown Tampa right across from the police station pretty much…I asked a couple officers yesterday afternoon and there was some truth to this….They weren’t boycotting it entirely but it was a voluntary sign up if you wanted to work the event at first but nooooobody was signing up so they assigned officers to the event.

  • Craig

    Damn Beyonce’s super bowl performance this country has been divided….. They always want to shoot the messenger.

    • Supreme Trunks

      RIGHT! Like the issues didn’t exist before she got on stage.

  • Ivan Anderson

    Divide and Conquer. Black People mad at white people for being… well white people and White people mad at Black people for… hell if I know! All in all, the rich keep getting richer, and we keep arguing over stupid shit!

  • Same state that said George Zimmerman was innocent….fuck Florida

    • Je’sus

      Fuck you, one judge doesn’t talk for a state.

      • Ur state been known to be racist and make decisions racistly dumbass

        • Je’sus

          Racism is every where. And it’s such a damn kettle pot in this state we have immigrants from everywhere. Please show me the racism since your from the outside looking.