The Notorious B.I.G.’s Mom Rips Kylie & Kendall Jenner For T-Shirt Disrespect

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  • frankwhitedc


  • frankwhitedc

    These hoes are the definition of culture vultures

  • frankwhitedc

    These hoes are the definition of culture vultures.

  • frankwhitedc

    I don’t get how black men fuck with any of these bitches, fuck them, yes , but wife and be hanging out with. Nah . The internet did this . These hoes wasn’t popular or poppin before that

    • Astronaut

      Real shiit

    • Poopmaster

      They are gutter scum . You know why they always depict other countries hating America , it’s because of these bitches. They need a deep history lesson on life. I fucking dislike this bitches with a passion. I’d still fuck, but Thats it lol.

      • frankwhitedc

        I feel you , I feel the same about Amber rose

  • RaDizzle

    U would i wanna spend my $ on 2 chiks dat dont shit bout pac or biggie they jus kno da movies shit

  • maikel

    they are so self absorbed and distant from the real world its crazy

    • Bagk

      They’re in a real world. The psychological perspective on this is and what’s the real world is honestly annoying as hell. If their faces weren’t on there this wouldn’t be a problem, or would they need to consult with his mother.

  • Manny Bravo

    The Jenners are trying to get back at Diddy for cropping them out of his IG pictures.

  • Code Name Blonde

    could you imagine the lvl of shitstorm if Afeni Shakur was alive to see this? :O

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    I don’t see how anyone on thier team didn’t think this wasn’t a good idea, not like you just started a clothing line with these artist on shirts and nothing else. But these muthafuckas put Tupac and a big ass photo of them selves on the front like a self centered ass. Not enough I can’t watch TV without seeing a commercial of your lame ass show. Damn I can’t wait until they are a thing of the pass like, John & Kate Plus 8

  • Jay $tack$

    They making money and a mockery out of us its sad fuck these hoes

    • Bagk

      “mockery out of us” no nigga; I’m not bias like you assholes.

  • Bagk

    Lol this is bullshit. I honesty see why America is failing as an economy.