The Game Slams Meek Mill For Disrespecting Nicki Minaj

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  • Frank White

    dog….it gets harder and harder to be a fan of Game when he do shit like this…

  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    this nigga being the worst type of simp lmao but he really fixated on meek mill its wild. i’d swear meek on his mind 24/7

    • kinglobey

      he even said “i remember when you only had 600k followers before nicki” translation = i been on yo dick for a few years now meek.

  • Est. ni994

    If you really want to call any rapper a weirdo, Game should be top of the list.

  • Astronaut

    Drake and Game track in the future to permanently end Meeks career. Some may say the final L. I still fuck with Meek tho for the record.

  • CDot

    The Game is the biggest social media faggot of all time

  • ChiTownT

    Game need to sit his lame ass down

  • MoneyBAby

    This nigga all ways tryna get some attention name droppin the next mafucka. Insteada worryin bout what meek doin with a chick this nigga need to stop droppin them garbage ass albums. Nigga really ain’t been shit since that 1st Album. U wanna fight Meek but sure wasnt in no rush to box wit 50. This nigga is lame as fuck.

  • Sean

    Game talking that real shit

    • Jordan Taylor Bray

      Yeah these dudes are trippin. Game from Compton and will fuck squeek miLLy up! And he’s obviously more worried about fuckin Nicki than anything.. But yall mo fuckers crazy af if you think Meek spits better bars than the game. These jokers crazy.

    • Jordan Taylor Bray

      There’s plenty videos of the Game knockin mother fuckers out on Worldstar!! Haha.

    • youareincorrectbitchnigga

      real snitch and simp shit no real nigga support this hoe ass behavior

      • bawse

        meek robs his ex girlfriends house and cuts her clothes up and game is the simp? twilight zone status.

  • kushxchevys

    Game stfu u never do shit

    • Conner

      if he catches those rappers he always handles it don’t you remember that Budden diss come on man he has a good point to

  • Jordan Taylor Bray

    Yall all on meeky mouse’s dick like game won’t fuck his world up!! Haha. And almost all his album’s are straight fire. Yall are wild as fuck. Plenty videos of game fuckin people up on Worldstar if you wanna check em out.

    • Spookeysmoker

      Did you see game throw a punch I doubt he’s fucking anyone up

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    Game tryna earn Dem cool points from Nicki I see lol. Game doing what he’s always known to do & Datz putting himself in situations Dat have NOTHING to do with him. Datz Lame Game.

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    There’s zero proof he had anything to do with Da robbery, There’s no proof he told Remy Dat stuff she spit. Not taking up from Meek, but Ijs we can’t up & believe Sumn Dat a Nigga like Game be saying in Deez type of situations. Game is known to over exaggerate. Did it too many times in Da past, including in his beef with Meek, which most of his Accusations turned out to be lies.

    • Uptownblack215

      Man bro its just rare that just happens and to one of the biggest pop stars like come on. Meek a petty ass nigga the proof is out there.

      • youareincorrectbitchnigga

        not really also if you remember that was meek and nicki house and Game swore up and down he knew where meek lived in LA, how convenient he the one who claims meek robbed her, how he know? and if its true he snitching the same thing he falsely accused meek of the start beef no real nigga in any of that

        • bawse

          that was nicki’s house that meek lived in, lets be real. If it was both their house then why did the headline read “nicki’s house robbed” lol. get out of here bro. The only thing more pussy than being meek mill is defending meek mill in a comment section lol.

          • youareincorrectbitchnigga

            you soo mad the only thing we KNOW is they bought a house together everything else is speculation

          • bawse

            if by together you mean rode shotgun to the closing, then yeah they bought a house together.

          • youareincorrectbitchnigga

            all the meek jokes were funny last year now the hate is obsessive , niggas acting like meek was homeless before he bagged nicki

    • bawse

      Meek was in LA the night of the robbery. Meek is obviously a petty pussy (you are not being real if you deny that). She never ever got robbed before and right after she posts pics with meek’s arch enemy (literally) her house gets broken into and clothes cut up? Yeah the cops didn’t find meeks panties at the scene but could it be any more obvious who did it? GET OUT OF HERE BRO

      • Kenny Woods

        what you just say posted pic with enemy knew the drama it would cause she deserved it you take that shit from that fake bitch other niggas won’t

      • Kenny Woods

        it was petty to take a pic with his enemies no of that shit would off happen if she ain’t pull that bs

        • bawse


          • Kenny Woods

            Lol ok you yang twin

  • black adam

    captain save em to the rescue

  • Jules

    Did they just call this nigga the game a creature in the article ?

  • meek is a bitter ex boyfriend

  • Spookeysmoker

    Game trying to put his bid in for Nikki lol niggas do so much hoe shit can’t understand they ways please game come to philly and not reading next time trust me you won’t survive

  • yolkipalki69

    he just trying to hit it

  • Craig

    Beef vulture….. this dude is the pettiest.

  • bawse

    Lets be real, meek was a c-list rapper before he landed nikki. He would still be one of those rappers acting like he has 10 mansions and a private jet when he has 1 million in the bank and 15 million in bills due this month, renting cars and houses for videos and acting like he owns them lol. The only artists actually living that life are the ones who can fill up a stadium consistently (drake, nikki, bey, jay, some country singers). Meek is not making that money. He does club appearances for $10k a piece (sometimes less). He’d need to do a club appearance every night 365 days a year just to pull in $3.6M BEFORE taxes. He isn’t getting rich off interviews, youtube views or mixtapes. Plus he has a pyramid scheme deal where half his money goes to ross who then pays puff who then pays some jewish record company exec who then pays some bank who than….. anyway Meek lived off nikki and got extra pissed when he had to go back to being a debt ridden fake rapper.

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    So not only does he internet bang but he’s a captain save a hoe

  • Kenny Woods

    this nigga is really a game she ain’t give this man every thing he was poppin before her and she ran right to drake and wayne after the break disrespectful as fuck some niggas would let it go and some won’t this is the industry all fake shit the game need to shut the fuck up i wis meek would get this bitch nigga dropped like beans for all this ho shit when that nigga go back to philly i hope something happen im tired of wack and the lame ass game smh back on 50 dick 40 glocc the only nigga you touched and a off duty police you dumb ass

    • bawse

      she stayed with him after drake completely ended his career though. Rumors are meek is trying to transition to being a behind the scenes manager because he can’t make it as a rapper anymore.

      • Kenny Woods

        all he gootta do is keep puttin out good music and he gone be good no matter what a barb or a drake fan say drake was suppose to be done after being exposed by meek but the way the world is now you loose for speaking truth and doing right all the gays and fakes run the industry thats why drake on top he can never end meek

      • Kenny Woods

        and she stayed cause she ain’t wanna look fake like some already knew she was meek should have fucked the bitch and kept her as a friend and he wouldn’t have to hear all the fuckin clowns talk

  • YoungPrime

    This sounds like Wack 100 talking.

    Game needs a better way to make himself relevant.

  • bawse

    what do you want a trophy

  • Lamar XnoXes

    credible* but you right

  • yung

    F the game but he kinda right – how do you shit on someone that had your back when you took those L’s (plural). She even had the man back when he went to the bin.

    He should have stepped up since nicki is going thru this but then again who knows what really happened with em ….

  • d1gord

    Game right tho