The Game Keeps Making His Play For Nicki Minaj [VIDEO]

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  • CDot

    His obsession with meek. The game is a certified twitter finger ass faggot.

    • BrodieThaGod


    • Chancin’ ✞

      He just tryna smash

      • Mec-One

        He’s going about it the wrong way…..

      • SlimJuve25

        i don’t think it’s about the smash, he trying to get with nicki to help his failing career $$$, when nicki was just entering the rap game they passed her around like reggie, only people she could settle down with was a her hype man an meek don’t nobody really want nicki but the people that need a career boost, don’t even say drake cause he don’t even want her

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          Your comment is wrong in so many places…LMMFAO, “don’t even say drake cause he don’t even want her”….Have you never heard Miss Me by Drake featuring Lil Wayne? & her hypeman? You mean the nigga who was writing her shit? & Don’t act like you ain’t fuck with Meek’s music before the beef….Dreams & Nightmares is a classic ass song, you need to stop

          • SlimJuve25

            lmao from what i seen drake don’t want anyone he trying to knock down every chick plus if he is hitting it any time he want there is no need for a relationship, she free now why ain’t he with her now? i was listen to meek when he drop flamers mixtape series, but you can’t say meek didn’t get more people to listen to him while he was with nicki plus tour money, my comment isn’t wrong just the truth, you need to get out that box you in better yet you might not be getting it like i am. . . game doing it for the money you fool if you can’t see that after all the b/s he has pulled, be real you wouldn’t know who safaree was without nicki

          • CDot

            People act like meek didn’t and don’t make hits. He might’ve taken that L from drake or Quentin Miller….who knows but all this meek hate came after the Drake beef

          • Ye’

            nahh I ain’t fuck with him before that

  • disqus_8QIzHBetav

    hmm they would make a good couple lmfao

  • Miami_Mayor24

    This nigga need to change his name to “The Lame”

    • T guest

      Good one take the G off cause he sure aint one and give him a L

  • lol

  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    I was gone say something you needed to hear, then I looked at your username…Go ahead… Get Your Troll On (in my Missy Elliot voice)
    “I love Game and I’m a huge fan – I buy all his albums”

    For one niggas don’t “buy” albums and for two if a nigga was to ever go against the grain and buy a cd it wouldn’t be Game. For the love of everything that’s black…… I hope you’re white



  • Allen Smith

    Thirsting For a bird, look at her selection of men… if he ain’t a solid A1 nigga that’s how u tell if she’s a bird or not, birds can’t identify

  • CDot

    Sit your dumb ass down! Game might have made some decent albums or tracks but he’s a cornball

  • rustyluger

    Can’t wait for someone to hit this faggot with the ‘You 38 and you still rappin? Uggghh’

  • White Guilt

    LMAOOOOOO I bet Game has a Remy diss record lined up ready to go for Nicki if she wants it. SMH this nigga

  • d1gord

    Lol…I’m dying watching y’all hate on game. His career his fine. Even 1992 money went straight in his pocket. So what if he like trolling. Nothing wrong with having fun. Fif does it too, but I don’t see the hate for him

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Bet money he hasn’t even smashed Nicki talking all this shit. This dude is in love; if I was a rapper I would have a mean ass diss for his ass, “Game Over”. Never seen such of a “Attention Hore”, I could see if it was a women, but a grown as man claiming “Blood” ???? FOH, my nigga needs to mind his own fucking bussiness.

  • Jordan Bray

    Thank you!! The dumb fucks prolly bumpin Kodak rn talk in all this shit.

  • Jordan Bray

    Anyone tryin to diss the Game just needs to go put their mommas titty back in they mouth.

  • Jordan Bray

    So he gets in the middle of shit when the camera’s come to him? He would murder Meek fightin or rappin. You must like nuts on your ass too.

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      Get The Game’s joystick Outcho ass. Nigga don’t try to stand up for Diz lame Ass dude like Diz Da only time he slid his stripping Ass in somebody’s biz with or without a camera. In fact, he looks dumb as hell standing for Nicki, cuz the Moment after Meek dropped his “Ooouuu” diss track & ppl was Fckn wit it, she stood behind the diss & Made it a caption 4 1 of her pics on IG. But he wanna be on her side? Da Nigga lame & you just as lame as he is. Foh Nigga.


    Mcdonalds has sold more food than every fine dining restaurant combined, but it gives me diarrhea.

  • BigMike

    man yall gon fuck around n nicki gon end up wit a white man

  • Russian

    He might get friend zoned