The Game Finally Weighs In On JAY-Z’s Money Phone Debate

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  • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

    ….Never understood the hype of the shit.

    • Imventing

      do it for the reseal value

  • BossYaLifeUp

    Nigga is a cliche…Is wearing Supreme LV, has a nose ring, claims to be a blood, and is now weighing in on the one bar everyone focuses on out of the entire epic song Jay laid.

  • JW

    Let’s not forget there is a pic out there somewhere of this nigga with a butterfly tattooed under his eye. I believe 50 exposed that shit when they were beefing.

    • T guest

      Or that stripper pic

  • MartyMcFly

    So like, whatever happened to dunkaroos?? Them shits was fire

    • LUSKI


    • They got them jawns still in philly

    • KingNothing

      LOL, they never disappeared, where the fuck you be at?

    • TKingLives

      they still around cuhhh haha

  • roland333

    Why do these rappers get so offended. Jay wasn’t even saying not to do it. He just said that’s not a lot of money to him. All these rappers caught up in feelings cause they aren’t on that level. 50 mad cause j has classic after classic 50 has one at best and even that is pushing it

  • d1gord

    His last album still gonna be flames though. Just sayin

    • Gr8ness

      Probably so. But we all know it won’t be his last album. Unless he really takes that 38 and still rapping line serious.

      • d1gord

        He bout to do that stretch. So he better be recording like 2 albums now

        • Gr8ness

          Oh damn for real? Yeah might as well put in that work to keep his name out there.

  • Retorik1

    Basically he saying if you holdin half of what your worth against your ear you need stop stuntin…cats like mayweather can pull it off cuz thats been his personality and he REALLY got it but these cats holdin they first and probably last advance against they head better hope everybody in they entourage solid cuz if getting hit for your money phone can cripple your pockets you need to bank it for one of da shady homies show you what a thugs about..

  • Mike Donovan

    This rap genre is the corniest of the music genres. look at this argument and what niggas debate about. EVERYTHING but the music. White folks rubbing there 1 month with no shower ass in the black communities face and this is what they debate about

  • Sevenwinters6summers

    Good pic,thats why Game posted it

  • roland333

    That’s the problem with rappers they never grow up. Jay is 40 plus and they still expect him to make it rain. That’s why j n nas are the best to do it cause they mature and stil make good music. 50 still wants to live if in the club

    • Killa Cam Newton

      The whole reason niggas used to get in the hip hop game was to get money and fuck bitches jay and nas just happen to last longer then the ones before them. When Jay was talking about hard knock life you didn’t see rakim talking shit about it to sale records . Jay-z a snake look how he messed up people money that was heavy on the autotune

      • NYCityKid

        I respect this, and i’m a Hov stan. Less and less since hearing Prodigy’s book i’m not goin front.

        • Killa Cam Newton

          Give me the quick spill from the book..did hov screw them over

          • NYCityKid

            Nah, Hov just a slick dirty nigga, who plays the game very well. All these years i’ve been stuck in the matrix on this nigga on some Stan shit. Everything you believe about Hov they wan’t you to believe, but he’s just as dirty as the nigga that stole the Mc’Donalds name.

          • Killa Cam Newton

            Damn bruh now I’m about to google the McDonald’s name thing.

          • NYCityKid

            Watch the Mc’Donald’s movie. It’s out on all them movie sites

    • DEZn00ts_1

      Nas went hard as FUCK on that song on Rick Ross new Album.

  • YoungTrevlizzy

    the game is a tampon frfr fuck him he is clown!!

  • It’s wack it’s so like 2007-2012 when nuggas who never used the internet during those times missed a lot and now doing the same old shit again it’s wack