The Game Claims He’s Done Many Kardashians In ‘Sauce’

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  • Ghostface-

    Probably Caitlyn.

  • Johnathan Dough

    Lol he fucked kris

  • Nvrgiveup1

    Kris is the one that started the jungle fever. OJ was hitting his best friend’s wife.

    • Kingquazy

      That’s normal Hollywood shit.

  • HotlineQueef

    these 3 bitches look like they have the worst farts ever

  • HotlineQueef

    “lol someone needs to make a meme oudda that pic. “yeah girls hug the fat one and attempt to fart”

    • tr3y


      • HotlineQueef

        let me jerk you off CJ from GTA san andreas. should i bring over a 40 oz to jam in ur ass sideways you fucking nigger?

    • Ye’

      She ain’t even fat

      • Kingquazy

        Especially nowadays. She’s the baddest of the three now.

        • Keith Shaun

          cant consider her the baddest when she just used surgery to make herself look good .. bitch used to be an overweight cow smh

      • HotlineQueef

        said the 300 LB bitch eating chocolate cake

  • HotlineQueef

    LOL he wrote kyrie jenner. what kinda fucking chink pronunciation is that. fuck you faggot hip hop site

  • Serendog

    Who hadn’t done them?ooooh yeaa a white guy

  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    Game better be careful fuckin with them witches,they ain’t to be fucked with. Just look at all the black dudes they datedin the past.. Lamar Odom, Ray-J, Tyga, etc.. Those dudes aren’t the same lol.

    • Kingquazy

      No pussy in the world is better than witch pussy.

      • E-go-tis-ti-cal

        Fuck around and get cursed over some fuckin pussy lmao

  • Kasun Madusanka

    I’m tellin you man Khloe is OJ’s daughter. Look at her facial features. Specially the nose.

    • RN

      She didn’t do a DNA test ?

  • Jay Tech

    Im rolling with Catlyn Lol! For the 3rd

  • basedcharley

    Hey, HHE editors: Kendal and Kaitlyn are Jenners, you fucking morons.

  • Mondo

    Well that’s another Man Kanye will have to Taste

  • Matt Leon

    I love how they included Caitlyn in that list XD.

  • RanOffOnThePlug

    nigga’s probably tasted Caitlyn’s dick

  • RanOffOnThePlug

    even the mentally ill degenerate one? hold this L faggot

  • Spookeysmoker

    He’s lying don’t believe game

  • LatarionMilton

    Prob Kim, Khloe and Kris lol

  • Anthony Mitchell

    the game has said alot of shit. hes proven hes a fuck boy time and time again.

    • Kingquazy

      What did he say that wasn’t true though? When did he prove himself a fuckboy? I’m just curious..

      • Johnathan Dough

        When he hopped on Chiraq and started name dropping like he had nects. Then g-count dropped a diss/vid and put his ass on blast.

  • Tommie

    He could’ve fucked the mama.. Hold that thought

    • Kingquazy

      Any man about his money would. Shit, she would be the first choice in that case.

  • Kingquazy

    “Kourtney would be the logical third Kardashian, although she tends to have a different type than her sisters.”

    LoL THIS.

  • Je’sus

    Did they just try game by putting ” Caitlyn”

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  • Astronaut

    Add me to that list

  • Jules

    Kanye… Why you let this nigga disrespect yo bitch..

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