The Falcons DJ Plans To Hit Russell Wilson With Many Future Tracks

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  • Supreme Trunks

    Bet he won’t play “Rich $ex” tho. You won’t.

  • Blaque Cansa

    Petty af…im not a football fan…i hope atlanta loses!!!

    • KnowNothinBoutNothin

      That ain’t happening tho so don’t bet on it

  • ilikemusic.

    This is going to backfire….watch. Russel throwing 3 TDs

  • YoungPrime

    Why would Russell care? He’s got the girl and his son. If I was him I’d dance to it when it plays.

    Note: I don’t even give a sh!t about the Seahawks just as as one of these NFC teams beat the damn Cowboys. I hate them more than Trump!


      Future actually got joint custody, which upset Ciara. Possibly Russell as well, but who knows

      • YoungPrime

        Just having another man around your son irks the average man. But then you’ve got this bitter, spiteful bitch allowing her todler to call Russell “Daddy”, as if Future is nowhere in the picture still has Future as the odd man out. Especially when you add the ridiculous amount of child support most of these corrupt courts allow these lazy, greedy bitches to extort from hard working men.


          You’re right on that one, sir