The-Dream Explains Why He No Longer Works With Drake

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  • Astronaut

    Drizzy the most loved and hated in the game.

    • Da Truth

      Well said

    • Food4Thought

      That LeBron factor…Has the most fans and the most haters I’ve ever seen

      • Whitedude

        I thought that was the Kobe factor lol

      • Young

        lebron haters still have to respect his skill. majority of drake haters are amused by him but the respect isn’t there. don’t compare no fuckin musician to an athlete. thats real vs fake. its fucking music, its make believe.

        • Je’sus

          Talent and skill are two different things

    • Frank White

      thats how u know u on top

  • FaboLoso

    drake is a phony and opportunist what else is new? all these stories that’s coming out about drake has been said already by other rappers/producers..nothing new.

    • YoungPrime


      But Meek still lost.

      • FaboLoso

        -Drake stan

        • YoungPrime

          Find one single Drake single in my lot and I’ll buy you Coke.

          • FaboLoso

            -drake stan that’s in denial

          • YoungPrime

            Fine, no Coke for you then. Which is really a shame since you’re clearly “salty” that Meek lost.

          • FaboLoso

            -angry Drake s stan

      • Can I really ask how when the nigga started with no dollars

        • YoungPrime

          The battle not his paycheck. Hell he’s the one still blasting Back2Back in $100K cars. There’s a lot of miserable millionaires out there Jr. Now have a seat.

          • I doubt he’s miserable and back to back was trash and jr and age is irrelevant in this coversatikn

  • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

    dream acted like he did drake a favor.. lol

    • supaninja

      Have u not heard the song? They kill that shit

    • He dis

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      Actually he did, the song became a hit….

  • kushxchevys

    The fucked up part is drake never even noticed it like that lol like damn

  • M1ssie284 K

    Drake is a undercover hater. With his culture vulture ass. Tired of him and his pop music

  • And niggas still like this snake that like biting the hand that feeds you but it’s 2017 most niggas into that hoe sh

  • yung’n realtalk

    Drake a bitch just liket the cavs last nite gs allday 30d em then 40..

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Drake the snake

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Which is sad, because that collaboration was good. I always felt like “Take Care” Drake was the best version of him.