Tech N9ne Explains Why He’s Not Signing Hopsin

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  • why would you wanna sign to someone who sold their soul and killed their mom too

    • Craig

      You cant be serious……Tech???? killed his mom?…. bruh you one of them ones. You believe that someone on some ghost rider marvel comics type shit can call on the devil and sell their soul for whatever they desire…. Second his mother had lupus and epilepsy and Im pretty sure the dude placed much of his money into her treatment until she died. If a soul could be sold they could only be purchased from god….. plus the devil is nothing but a liar so who’s work do you think you are doing

      • LoveBoat2smooth

        I sold my soul for some cheetos all you got to do is ask Rosie O’Donnell

        • Brad

          you too?

      • he said in an interview… “It was like I got whatever I wanted/dreamed for when my mom died.” – Breakfast Club Interview

        • IFernedYou .

          Wow you’re an idiot.

          • Keifus~

            You’re being too kind….

        • Layers

          He did say that….

        • mike

          you ever think that because he couldn’t want or dream for anything more then his moms good health before she passed. and after she did he realized there’s more to life and went after his actual desires in life and got them because he’s very successful and doubted that he was as big as he is for years. you sick fuckin bitch go watch more illuminati videos. fuckin pathetic waste of a human to say shit like that

      • O’neil Love

        you write and wrong

      • O’neil Love

        Your right and wrong

      • Vuitton, The Ruler

        Bet money he up voted his own comment.

    • Keifus~

      Shameful bringing up his mom like that, you one of those sunflower nigga….

    • Layers

      Damn and Tech said he didn’t sell out but all those artists say that even tho they are lying. Then Tech blames God for his mom’s death smh…

  • Keifus~

    That’s strange?

  • O’neil Love

    All of them sold there soul to be famous and they all been cloned