Taxstone Indicted For Murder

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  • Mike Donovan


    • G.O.A.T

      Whether he’s your friend or Foe you should never wish jail time on anybody

      • Throw dem Paws den

        I wish jail on ppl who take lives. U kill somebody? I hope they put u under that bitch…

      • Mike Donovan

        I didnt wish it on him. hes a fuck nigga. and was instrumental in the death of an innocent man and he a professional hater who keeps it “real”. well jail is realll. fuck em

  • Johnathan Dough

    Wack better be thankful, this nigga was really with the shits lol.

    • frankwhitedc

      Why you lying

      • Johnathan Dough

        Lmfaoooo fr

  • Manny Bravo

    It’s crazy how fast life can come at you. One day, you’re doing your podcast. The next day, you’re charged with murder. Y’all be safe outchea.

  • YoungPrime

    When “keeping it real” ruins your dumbass life!

    • Instead of doing his successful podcast he was looking for trouble. Congradulations you played yourself

    • 100squad

      What he ain’t know only 4 types get away with the man down game, police, politicians, niggaz from DA Chi & its looking like Florida too

  • jamaicasproblem

    mannnn people need to chill. your life or your freedom will be taken away from you in a instant… is it worth it……

  • Im dead. Wack quiet as fuck

  • Finesssser

    Podcasters catching bodies out here jeez