Takeoff Drops First Ever Solo Track ‘Intruder’

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  • Johnathan Dough

    Wait a minute….so there’s 3 migos?

    • SkidRow


  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    if you like hearing the word intruder for 1:25 this song is for you

  • BDrivens

    songs bumps, i can imagine hearing it at a club at 1am

  • Finesssser


  • Mr postman

    Takeoff has another solo song called unleashed, old as fuck but better than this

    • jdt96

      It’s just him, but it’s technically a Migos song.

  • Skrynn $krylla

    On some real shit….Takeoff been outrapping the Otha two on recent shit like the 3 way Ep and Culture!!! He tired of niggas sleeping!!!

    • takeoff really the best rapper out of all them

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      He by far the best lyrically, but I don’t even think they look at it like that between them. They all are hot and have their own styles. It seem like they feed off of each other well and they know that. Take off has the flow, Quavo has the hooks and style, offset hold the group together and got the second best lyrics. They all really hot in their own way. Thats the media who try to put groups against each other.

  • Thomas Ferguson

    He has always been the best migo. He will always be the best migo.

  • youknow

    man people be sleepin on takeoff

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    These clown ass editors. Takeoff by far has the best flow. He’s not “forgotten” he been on plenty of tracks. You act like Bad and Boujee was what blew them up. Versace, Fight Night, Look at my dab, they got hella hits. And I swear I don’t even listen to new rappers, but he migos are dope. They all have their own style. Look at my dab was one of their biggest hits and offset wasn’t even on that one cuz he was locked up….These niggas hot man period.

  • teforne

    I feel like the Migos will go down as the best rap trio of all time. Takeoff’s flow and word play perfect, Offset’s adlibs and wordplay unbelievable, Quavo’s flow, hooks and libs amazing. I’m not saying every song is a hit, they fell off after No Label 2 if you ask me, got back to it in YRN 2 and Culture