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Fetty Wap Drops ‘Make You Feel Good’ Video

You can tell that Fetty Wap is gearing up to release his sophomore effort King Zoo. He dropped his Zoovier mixtape last week, and yesterday he released a new video for ‘Make You Feel Good,’ a...

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Desiigner Doesn’t Call His Music Rap

Desiigner is the latest young “artist” to distance himself from the rap/Hip Hop label. “None of my dudes I chill with are rappers. I don’t put us as rappers. We’re all artists,” Desiigner said...

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Stream ‘Different Now’ Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap has yet to repeat the success he enjoyed last summer with any of his new material. As another summer winds down, maybe his latest single ‘Different Now’ will change that. Check it...