T.I. Says He Created Trap Music

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  • smith jones

    What is trap music? What makes a song a trap song.. rapping about drugs?.. i mean they been rapping about drugs for years

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      True, that’s the same thing I said about “Drill Music” But mostly the TERMS are what people want credit for. Selling drugs and killing people have been the main rap topics since about 95 or so?

      • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

        Yup mid nineties when they started the rap industrial complex to complement the prison industrial complex which are basically stock markets the rap industrial complex started pushing gangsta rap instead of conscious to help fill prisons because conscious rap wasn’t hyping niggas up to kill steal and slang

        • Armin

          this guy fuckin gets it

          • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

            Not everyone does

    • You mad huh?

      Its Americas version of Grime rap.

      • smith jones

        Wtf is grime rap.. Lol I’m only 27 am i really the old head now

        • You mad huh?

          UK trap music basically lol. You should check it out its pretty good. uk rappers> us rappers

          • Charles Rivers

            bruv…..you can’t be serious. If that was true, we’d be listening to that crap like y’all listen to ours, ha

          • Eptoday


      • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

        I seen the vice land episode about UK grime trap a grime are basically the same

    • burk

      Well now, there is another genre “Narco Rap” , and Rick Ross is Boss

  • Melo

    Are y’all seriously doing this story again? Frfr

  • kushxchevys

    Fuck up tip, u a bitch u aint too good nor create trap music

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    He did literally create the term….No one was saying TRAP anything BEFORE TI’s 2003 album called…………TRAP MUSIC……..Half of the cats who listen to trap music right now, artists like the migos and all of that—–prolly was BORN in 02-03, so yeah I honestly don’t expect people to know the history.

    • nah man…I’m from atlanta. niggas been sayin trap way before ti was even an extra in the youngbloods 85 video. if you get some time check out ghetto mafia on da grind and in decatur on youtube. them track came out like in 96 or 97. goodie mob was talkin about trappin on they first album in 95. ti just want glory for sum shit he didn’t really do.

      • The Incredible

        That Goodie mob reference though. We stayed on that heavy down in LaGrange. But hell, even Master P was on that trapping shit way before TI.

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        damn, good lookin out. I would have never known……I’mma check that shit out now

    • EastChiRaq

      STFU.THEM NIGGAS FROM THE 90’S, now if youre talking lil yachty nem then yea, they from 2000s

  • smh. bruh I really get tired of this nigga actin like ghetto mafia wasn’t goin hard on that trap shit way back in the late 90s

    • Craig

      But it didn’t have a name at the time. Ghetto mafia had some hits but they never really broke out of the underground….T.i coined the phrase on his second album called trap muzic in 2003. So you kind of have to give it to him because he became a mainstream artist on that LP… after that everybody was on trap music

      • sorry fam, but I can’t give ti credit for creating trap music man or music about the trap. not as a person from atlanta. maybe some other people from outside atlanta will, but nobody from here will give him credit for that. ppl been makin music about the trap, literally using the word trappin and trap house since the mid 90s at the minimum.

        • Craig

          I can dig that… in from Cleveland so I had to catch whatever wave that came through… But that’s how the game go… the first nigga that break nation wide like to take credit… I heard the word trap used in songs but that was back when 8 ball mjg, ugk, and face was popping too strong

          • real shit bruh you aint never lied man. just kinda foul to me how he just tryna claim that when even last year ghetto mafia had a radio interview here and the dj’s were even saying they were really the first to bring trappin into music in atlanta, at least in them terms anyway.

            yea man the og’s from the south used to give us real game in they music didn’t it man? now you just gotta take it for entertainment, no og talk in the music no more.

          • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

            All the oh rappers from all over had game in their music all this new shit just want kids to be mindless drones

        • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

          But none made it mainstream like he did, basically he brought it to the spotlight

          • still didn’t create it fam. he can say he made the term popular but he didn’t create it. you don’t get credit for something you didnt do, and to try to is discrediting people who came before him and laid the foundation for him to even take it outside the city. it’s disrespectful and dishonest man.

          • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

            Truth, he could take credit for it mainstream

  • EastChiRaq


  • Consistent

    Ghetto Mafia been on the trap sound 1st off prior to T.I. naming his 2nd album that AND the SOUND that’s referred to as trap was really being pioneered by Jeezy & Gucci(shoutout to Shawty Red/Zaytoven and others)while T.I. was rapping bout trapping as well,the SOUND wasn’t trap

  • Amanwithnoname101

    Is he sure he wants to take credit for that?

    • JThomp187

      that nigga is so stupid and so are the dumb young ass muhfuckas who have no sense of history. this his ass didn’t create that shit, real niggas know better.

  • JSlimm65

    He made the word “Trap” relivent for rappers cause we called it what it was “Crackhouse” Then again I don’t listen to Trap Music….I listen to Gangsta Rap and as long as my PHD keeping making hit I good on the skinny jeans Red dread wearing ass suckas…..

  • Craig

    Yeah but ti did drop his album trap muzic back in 2003…. nobody was on trappin before then.

    • trapalizer

      “I was trappin before they called this shit trap” – DJ Paul KOM

      • Craig

        Yes he said he was trapping before they… meaning other people.. called this shit trap.. but we are talking about trap music and nobody was calling their music trap music until after ti’s trap muzic album… then came jeezy with trap or die and so on.

    • Je’sus

      Muzik man

  • duh

    This is facts

    • Keith Shaun

      gucci mane fam..

  • YoungPrime

    Great! T.I. created Trap Music and when he didn’t sign the prenup, Tiny created the trap!

  • Pieze.B

    You’ve created Trap how inspiring T.I.; you really did the youth a favor for that insertion.

  • trapalizer

    TI had album called “Trap Muzik” but if you listen to that album you’ll realize that’s not Trap Muzik… It was only during the Jeezy era that TI started rapping like that when dj toomp, drumma boy, and shawty redd started doing the beats clearly inspired by Three 6 Mafia.

    Guwop is the one who blew it up else it would’ve been just another “sound”.

    • Egotistical Quan

      That’s a fact. The only thing that was even close to a trap song but still wasn’t was “be easy.” that album sounded like a LP no real trap shit. Gucci and Jeezy really had that trap shit taking over then Gucci took it to another level when Jeezy went mainstream. “Swing my Door” and ” Vette Pass By” had me fucking up pots and stoves making eggs my nigga lol Guwop real Trap God foh

      • Keith Shaun

        no bull tho

  • Ratchet God Rep That Cap Life

    oh fucking please. Trap music is no different than gangsta rap. These south producers really need to start speaking up cuz nobody would listen to this music if it was not for the beats. T.I subject matter aint no different than what niggas was rapping about way before he even existed.

    • lennox buckles

      Shut yo lame ass up like really

  • Spookeysmoker

    Hhe I give up back to PS4

  • Konfuzed

    Man this shit has been on here several fvckin times, I guess that’s what you gotta do when you run out of dumbass shit to write about.

  • Ye’

    I would say the producers are the inventors

  • Sean

    T.I a snitch nigga, he been irrelevant for 5 years.

  • Charles Rivers

    This dude tried to be the Southern Jay Z….Jay Z invented Trap Music.

    • Mike Donovan

      Youre a square just like JayZ.. youdnt even understand what you are talking about. Traps cant exist in NYC its a way of life, a southern vide and a certainlayout to the neighborhood. NY’ers stolle that term because as usual that south makes shit SOULFULLY fly not just fly. He is ways better than Jay on so many levels. Jays business…ok but hes noot fucking withtip musically and i would argue lyrically

      • Charles Rivers

        The trap is a southern slang for crackhouse you dummy. Its not a way of life. Jay Z fathered that drug dealer rap. TI swagger jacked and now all of these southern cats think they invented something. Stop your BS

        • Mike Donovan

          FUCK OUTTA HERE NIGGA!! clown you are not familiar with it so you should shut the fuck up. music is life and life is music. the stiff ass sound that jay makes is intrinsic to NY and ALLL new york rap is stiff as fuck because the city is stiff. The southern soulful way of life that influences trappin is COMPLETELY different from JayZs sound. Not just a slang word.. it is a way of life the trap also deals with the layout of street and the house. Only one way in and one way out. Square ass charles rivera another lame trying to act like stiff and square new yorkesrs fathered everything. dont speak on what you dont know

  • SloanTheDon

    T.i. definitely coined the term

  • lennox buckles

    He forgot to mention he did a whole commercial encouraging people to snitch if they see anything illegal. Pull up da t.i crimestoppers commercial. He can never b trap king