T.I. Responds To Those Who Dissed His Tupac Inspired Outfit

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  • everybody I know always wondered wtf was pac wearin when he had that shit on. it was always some bruh what the fuck is you doin type shit, but at least he had some baggy pants to somewhat attempt to balance it out. ti out here lookin like a bdsm gi joe character

    man this nigga TI look like he got on some shit a female dominatrix made him put on. bruh lookin like a woman might beat him wit a whip later lol

    • BrodieThaGod

      Fr lol Pac looks g as hell compared to TIP

      • Mec-One

        “G” as in gay? lol

        • kushxchevys

          G ass in gangsta ma nigga
          Dnt disrespect pac

      • that nigga ti said I’m already rockin the corset let me throw on some young ass jeans wit it lol

    • Melzario Old-soul Davis

      lmao!!!! the tears in my eyes are real


    Niggas always got suntn to say when he OBVIOUSLY is paying homage to the greatest rapper of all Time, who got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yall aint say nothing when Young Thug wore the Dress, or when Fetty Wap put Weave in his head or when ASAP Rockey wore all types of Suspect clothing.

    • KnowNothinBoutNothin

      All of it looked gay but nobody was tryna call T.I suspect. He just getting joked cus he look goofy as hell lol. Most comments are saying only 2pac could pull it off so all of those comparisons you made are irrelevant to this topic.

    • nah b niggas flamed young thug for the dress, fetty for the weave, and rocky. even tho pac is pac you gotta admit rockin a s&m corset on top of a white tee is kinda funny lol

      • bawse

        a weave is one thing but wearing women’s undies like it’s thug life is on some other level

        • lmao man it’s all bad, like real talk what would you think if ya homeboy pulled up on you tmw with some fresh weave? still tho nigga dunno who told pac that corset was the move hahaa


        Its a lil funny but Pac probably never even watched porn to now what s&m is anyway.

  • ChiCity1988

    TI always is his fucking feelings like a damn female…..Who cares what some people online have to say…He always showing female traits….Also he looked like a clown wearing the suit and throwing up the west side…Corny bruh

  • bawse

    TI been a cornball for years now. And lets be real it tupac wearing womens underwear wasn’t exactly lit either.

  • The Incredible

    Grown men still feeling the need to defend themselves on on the internet to people they don’t know. Damn the outfit….that’s what’s suspect to me.

  • kushxchevys

    Ti always callin himself a real nigga lol tip u a bitch

  • The King Of Armageddon

    smh should’ve just rocked that red hockey jersey look instead lol….I mean of all the looks to rock at the induction?! That leather outfit always had me wondering what was Pac thinking but I ain’t mad at cha lol

  • @redbear2257

    t.i. is a bitch so he does bitch things all the time