T.I. Talks Retiring And His Relationship With Iggy Azalea

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  • Astronaut

    Iggy the best looking female that raps?

    • OG C-NOTE

      absolute FACTS!!

      • Johnathan Dough

        Iggy is plastic too lol. And nicki is way badder then iggy, no contest.

      • Astronaut

        Ima throw 3d Natee in the mix just for the hell of her curves. Id def crash her.

        • d1gord

          Wish I could give 3 upvotes for 3d natee. That’s bae

      • Astronaut

        O and Iggy had plastic surgery like 3 times

        • OG C-NOTE

          her shit not disgusting looking tho, and its not over the top. And its not her entire damn body neither..

      • Matt Leon

        I could name 3 finer female rappers bruh lol.

        • OG C-NOTE

          go ahead… i’ll wait

          • Matt Leon

            Angel Haze, Snow Tha Product, Lyric Da Queen. Even Miss Mulatto and Tally from that reality show, The Rap Game, look more fine.

  • bawse

    TI went off the deep end

  • aBallerDotCom

    T.I. says every next album sounds like Trap Muzik

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      Right! I was looking for this comment Lol.

  • Daniel King

    Nicki and iggy i don’t think there pretty there not natural either