T.I. Says Tiny Deserves Alimony

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  • lmao he ain’t gonna be so accepting of the alimony payments once that gavel bangs

    • kushxchevys

      Right niggas just talkin out his ass right now she dnt deserve shit lol

  • Whill

    T.I. is quite stupid. Not about the divorce, but about the government. People don’t know nothing about this country; it’s filled with idiots. That’s why it’s hard to motion independent because we are steadily depending on a governmental “service” that was meant to pay for defenses only, but mothafuckas haven’t been paying attention on how residual income works now people just stuck on stupid, and as Americans we still aren’t using our rights against the law; fucking ridiculous.

    • Throw dem Paws den

      Is statememt about the governents irreverence is 100% true tho… mostly cuz s his opinion. Siddown boy

      • Whill

        The government isn’t responsible for our well being know this country, know your amendments, take authority over your government, stop giving them our rights, learn not to be an asshole because that’s what opinions are, know how currency balances a country instead begging for governmental funding which is only suppose to go to defenses. Go learn what residual income is and learn how private owners are ones holding this economy down; you dip shit.