T.I. Blasts Joel Osteen For Not Opening Church For Harvey Flood Victims

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  • Astronaut

    Its ok to seek wisdom from a pastor but never trust em. If you do you must not have seen the movie “spotlight “

  • You mad huh?

    Remember when hurricane Katrina came and they opened up the super dome? It became a biohazard area. Toilets backed up and not enough space for long term stay which was needed. Did more harm than good. I don’t blame him for not opening it at first.

    • NYCityKid

      Real Shit! All he should have done was call that nigga up, like he should have done with Wayne. You don’t know the full story bro, just what you saw on the gram u attention ho.

    • black adam

      “did more harm than good”

      spoken like a true DUMBASS

      • NYCityKid

        Idk, if it would have done more harm than good but we don’t know what type ah shit he was on if he was in communication and what not with who he had to. This nigga stilla dick head that love hoppin on the gram to stay relevant.

        • black adam

          if you dont know if ‘it would of done more harm than good’ then sit your dumbass down and shut the fuck up.

          • NYCityKid

            I thought u would have had something smart to say, but I see it’s about emotions for you. Hope that works out for you. Angry black guy

      • perfect

        black adam you sir are obviously the dumb ass. BTW dumb ass is two separate words. js

        • Ur Mom

          Dam right. “Dumbass Adam”

          • black adam

            your dad is your brother.

          • Ur Mom

            And ur girl is on my dick right now

        • black adam

          btw.. youre still a fucking dumbass

      • Robyns

        All that he wrote and your dumbass pointed out those words? That’s like reading the Bible and singling out a verse and saying that is what God wants and only wants. Shut yo stupid ass up;lol..

        • black adam

          the bible is a fucking joke and so was your stupid fucking analogy;try again.

          • Robyns

            No your the fucking joke. You don’t even read the bible cunt. Bozo if it’s a joke then why are you an emotional distressed hoe??? Laugh it off, you lame nigga…. And the analogy was right, you salty peanut, sour puss, bitter ass human…… LMAO

      • You mad huh?

        Churches have a board. Yea Joel is the owner of the church but he has no power over certain things. They’re the congress of the church. Even smaller churches have this. Plus they couldn’t open the church and not have the staff to support it now they’re in a lawsuit. There’s so much behind the scenes that delayed things.

        • black adam

          churches are tax exempt for a fucking reason you moron. if you believe half the shit that comes out of your mouth go ahead and fuck a blender.

    • Allisinall

      Good range of vocab at the end but Eye and I and so familiar with the sick cancerous narrative. Get a soul.

  • Food4Thought

    I don’t even trust the dude face..Shapeshiftting Joker looking muh fucker..If your pastor has a 10 million dollar enclave for a home, rides around on private jets, has a collection of cars that rival for favorite rappers, then no I doubt you are in it to serve the people

    • Thee_One1

      These clowns worshiping pastors….sheep mind controlled losers. Religion in general is just a way to control and manipulate the masses

  • Code Name Blonde

    Osteen’s response honestly sounded a lot like “i don’t mind helping as long as they’re not in my church” to me.

    • DonCDaCapo

      You 2 bruh cause that’s what I thought I heard too

  • skram

    T.i. needs to shit the fuck up

  • Mike

    Osteen in no way shape or form doing GOD’S work that’s some satan shit

    • Robyns

      Yet, people are in the church being served while your online believing in story you saw on social media spread from a lying bozo that correlates with your way of thinking. Now that’s some Satan shit. Shut up cluck….

  • Mike

    It’s HAARP making these floods happen look it up for yourself #facts #staywoke

    • Thank you I said that in a previous post amazing enough gas and beef went up

  • black adam

    thats why i dont fuck with churches. just a tax free haven for rich conmen.

    • thorn416

      Churches are a great hustle though I wish I had one, I’d be in a Benz right now

  • Killa Cam Newton

    Yall going to hate me but I been to Houston a few times and seen the way the area looked that got flooded. Ain’t no mf way I’m letting them in a church I owned that has millions of dollars in equipment and shit all around. It aint like the dome when they can lock shit up and close gates

  • ImpalaLT1

    Man the city gonna bounce back. With or without Joel. I’ve never seen the city like this. But we will get back to normal real quick!

  • Jon jons

    why did he have to say nigga though??? His speech was good enough

  • NYCityKid

    Niggas always goin say you shoulda did it their way. T.I shoulda Uber’d 10 choppas to pick niggas up. He got it.

  • Twiz

    Now yall gotta stop frontin cause as soon as bout ten of them folk come to your crib you gonna be like “ugh….um…..seee.” foh its a church not a shelter. He clearly said there was an alternative

  • James Savage

    Sad thing is the dude payed for that response lol

  • fonzo517

    I liked TI a lot more before he became all political/pseudo-activist

  • perfect

    Osteens church was flooded on the lower level. Its been cleaned up and the church is opened. All these people listening to the mainstream media is a bunch of morons. These celebrities are no better than the media.

  • yolkipalki69

    Lol the whole church thing is a con job and no one is surprised that they did that….they all frauds…BUT T.I is a terrorist group supporter BLM so he should not even talk..

  • kushxchevys

    T.i just beeds to shut the fuck up already attention ho ass nigga

    Fuck tip

    • Ur Mom

      Amen. All he does is rant about other people shut up and do u

  • Robyns

    “For Not Opening”, but it’s open and not because of the bashing of social media. Are the people who are enjoying the hospitality of Lakewood church bitching?? No, but the ones who planted that lie and doesn’t know the situation is though. TI helps out to benefit his wealth. He doesn’t do shit like the rest of those lame media activists.