Suge Knight Hospitalized After Multiple Falls In Jail Cell

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  • oscar

    free my nigga suge knight…wish you a speedy recovery all the way from Houston Texas

    • Sxnnnnny

      this nigga killed pac and you’re gunna say that shit? c’mon man

      • oscar

        how did he kill pac? did you see him?

      • phipster

        Bruh didn’t kill suge said why set pac up with him riding in next seat right by him.the
        Way that car was shot up they were busting at everybody in it.

        • Ustupid

          Actually it would be the perfect setup to be in the car and get shot along with Pac. And Pac was leaving the Row so he had reason to want his goldcow dead… when that is said im not sure that’s what happened…. Alot of ppl had beef with pac

  • Being denied treatment/medication is excessive though. I’d sue

    • how bad you gotta piss off the illuminati ijs

    • devingibson4 .

      O he def gonna get paid….or they might find a way for him to beat the case if he guilty if they want to avoid paying him

  • John Best

    yeeeah, you want to arrest and jail this man, then i suggest you don’t withhold medication…