Suge Knight Cosigns Tupac Murder Theory Laid Out In New Doc

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  • flex

    Duh… this nigga obviously saying that because it helps his case. Can we get some non conflict of interest Suge lmaoo

  • TKingLives

    Nothing says Gangster like that knit Christmas sweater.

  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    Mane my guess at the theory is that the record label had 2pac killed. Suge Knight was supposed to set 2pac up, he never did. Suge was shot because he was in the car, but they still needed him so he wasn’t murdered. Certain members of the LAPD were aware of and involved in the hit. Snoop Dogg was aware of the hit but was not involved. Pac’s mom was indirectly paid off through royalties, which the label could have seized since Pac didn’t live long enough to fulfill his contract. Pac often spoke out about the industry behind the scenes. That was also a violation on top of the fact that he wanted to leave the label and be independent